Where Are They Now? - Footballers

Where Are They Now is designed for you if you are a football fan who is as curious as us to find out what happened to your favourite footballers after they retired from playing.

Where Are They Now? - Footballers

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Have you ever wondered what happened to all of those players that you have seen come and go over the years? The heroes and the villains? The saints and the sinners? The stars that you talked about for years after they had retired and those you instantly forgot?

If so, Where Are They Now? is definitely for you!

Not all players end up running pubs or become TV pundits! It's no secret what Gary Lineker is up to these days but what about the many thousands of players who have slipped from public view? The first edition of "Where Are They Now?" uncovered some fascinating post football stories including the former Arsenal striker who became Iceland's Finance Minister; Millionaires; Bankrupts; Vicars; Comedians; Singers; a Phil Collins lookalike... and one or two publicans!

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Updated: 21-05-18 Pete Halsall

While playing for a Saturday afternoon team (Sporting Hackney) a few of us adjourned to a pub near Victoria Park after a game. JF was in there and played pool with us for an hour or so. He seemed a very nice lad and was keen to chat and join in. So sad the way his life panned out.


Updated: 21-05-18 Pete Halsall

His son was christened in the same service as my daughter. This year, 25 years on, I was out with my daughter and saw Norm with his son. I toyed with the idea of making an approach but wine had been drunk and his party seemed a little...raucous. Great player!


Updated: 21-05-18 Pete Halsall

When I was at university in Liverpool in the early 80s there was a bench in one of the lecture theatres upon which was scratched , 'ROCK AGAINST ASHLEY GRIMES'.


Updated: 21-05-18 Pete Baguley

I was in Malta, and sat ,and discussed purchasing a property on the island with Alan! I was able to advise him as I had a property there. Later, I heard he had purchased a property in Marsaslok, Malta!


Updated: 18-05-18 PHIL PYE

United signed my dad FRED PYE in about 1956 from Accrington Stanley. I would have been 5 then. I met most of the United team, Bobby Charlton, Denis Violet,and the great guy ALBERT QUIXALL. Quicky was more like my uncle Albert, he taught me to swim at the NORBRECK CASTLE Hotel in Blackpool. I went to see him a few years back but it was heartbreaking to see this great looking, fit, funny guy, in such a state from this terrible dementia. Best remembered as he was.


Updated: 16-05-18 Neil Murray

John 'Jobby' Crossan had terrific technique, wonderful vision, clever feet and canny awareness - he could find the target too - played for Belgium side Standard Leige who reached the S\F OF the European Cup, Man.City & Sunderland - was capped 24 times for Northern Ireland scoring 10. Derry's best ever player.


Updated: 16-05-18 Steve Whitehouse

I regret to inform all of Graham's many friends that sadly Graham passed away last week, aged 70.


Updated: 15-05-18 Bryan Senior

I remember an occasion when I was at the bottom end of the Elland Road side stand watching the match. I was only about 9 at the time and I don't recall the name of the opposing team but what I do remember is a guy called Paul Madelely, playing centre half at the time, thundering across the field to intercept the opposition winger. Paul took the ball, the man, the line out chalk and almost the barrier between the field and the spectators. OK I was young, but he showed me determination. Thank you, god bless.


Updated: 14-05-18 Tony Miller

Eddie & Joanna lived in our development, Forest Glen in Naples Florida for a few years. I remember Eddie was always a barrel of laughs. We had some good times with them. Eddie injured his ankle & had a hard time recovering from that injury. Eventually they moved out of Forest Glen & we lost track of each other. Wherever you are Eddie, Best Wishes to you & Joanna from Loretta & I.


Updated: 14-05-18 Jonny

When Joe was playing for Carlisle we interviewed him for our fanzine 'The Cumberland Sausage'. He offered to buy us all a drink but we bought him an orange juice instead. Absolute top bloke.

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