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We are keen to include as many ex-footballers as possible. If you know what has happened to any former players not listed on the site, please do get in touch - thanks.


Player's name: Albert BENNETT


Clubs played for: Rotherham, Newcastle United, Norwich City (1961-1971).


Biography: Forced to quit at the age of 26 after a promising start to his career which ended at Norwich, where he took over the Bricklayers Arms after taking a number of jobs including prison service, hotel catering, and a Lowestoft joke shop.(Capped once at Under 23 level by England)





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BENNETT, Albert. Watching the Toon play as a kid, Albert Bennett stood out with his backheel flicks. Albert would flick the ball from behind to his front. I remember his nick name being ANKLES? Its all still fresh in my minds eye!


BENNETT, Albert. As an 11 year old attending a Newcastle United training session, along with friends waited anxiously with autograph books for the players emerging afterwards. Albert, one of United's hot prospects at the time,stopped by and signed for us all. He was with his teammate and then United star no. 9, Welsh international Wyn Davies, who grumpily waved us all away. I was disappointed Albert never reached his potential because of injury;he deserved better, but his treatment of fans, especially we youngsters, made him the real star. Davies lost a few fans that day.



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