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Clubs played for: Walsall, Norwich City (1946-1955).

Biography: A centre half who played over 370 games after the war. Now a retired Accountant in Shrewsbury. (Former England under 15 international)

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FOULKES, Reg Don't know how old this post is but I am 82 living now in Hampshire and a life long Walsall supporter.
Just today 20/3/2018, I have acquired a 1947 photo of Walsall FC players which includes Reg Foulkes. It is the year I first watched Walsall at the age of 12. I remember Reg well and I followed his celebrated time at Norwich with great interest.
20-03-18 Brian Saunders

FOULKES, Reg Hi......I met up with Reg Foulkes again last season in the West Stand at Greenhouse Meadow,the 91 year old ably supported by his daughter. It was in 1965 that I first came across Reg. One of my first girlfriends was Sandy Foulkes, and after a night at the flicks in Shrewsbury I was taken home to meet mum and dad. Over a cup of coffee I was grilled and examined and I dropped into the conversation that I was taking Sandy to Gay Meadow the following Saturday. I had no idea who dad was other than he was an accountant at Star Aluminium in Bridgnorth. When he discovered my interest in football, much to the disgust of his daughter, Reg disappeared upstairs to re appear with all his scrapbooks and programms....the next three of four hours were spent talking and pontificating about his time at Norwich. My relationship with Sandy did not last long after that as she realised I was only after one thing, and it wasn't her body. I found of course that Reg was in fact a Shrewsbury boy, from meole Brace, where the new STFC stadium is located. He wasn't picked up by the Town and had trials at Walsall and consequently signed for them; the rest is history. After his playing career was over he went to work for Star Aluminium before retiring; he has lived in Shrewsbury ever since. At one point, about fifteen years ago years he did sign for STFC belatedly, but only to help the chairman in an advisory capacity as an accountant. Not sure how regularly he goes to watch the Town now but he has lost non of his height and still has a very dry sense of humour. Chris Chambers

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