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Clubs played for: Birmingham City, Doncaster Rovers, Watford, Lincoln City (1954-1966)

Biography: Helped Birmingham reach the Fairs Cup Final is now retired after settling in Norwich selling cakes for Lyons.

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LARKIN, Bunny Whilst playing for 'The Blues', Bunny occasionally went to watch Sunday 'pub' league football at Glebe Farm Park in Birmingham. On one such visit, before the game he was going to watch started, I remember Bunny somewhat reluctantly being persuaded by a gathering crowd to, 'show us how to take a penalty', two steps and 'bang', before you could blink, the ball was in the back of the net and so would have been the chap in goal if he'd had attempted to stop the thunderbolt. 60 years on I still have a chuckle about that chap in goal.

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