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Clubs played for: Barnsley, West Ham United, Southend United, Millwall, Crystal Palace. (1975-1986)

Biography: Ran soccer schools in Southend area, now lives in Skipton and runs a property portfolio, is also a trained grief councillor who has worked for the Samaritans.

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OTULAKOWSKI, Anton I named my teddy bear after him!!

OTULAKOWSKI, Anton I used to support West Ham back in the day when he played for them. I fancied him rotten & used to shout & scream his name from the stand. One day I got a bit carried away as he came bliss to the barriers to retrieve the ball & started to run down the steps calling his name when a policeman stopped me & said 'right any more of that young lady & you're out'! I was almost a football hooligan! Lol. Still got a thing for him but never got to meet him unfortunately :( xx

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