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We are keen to include as many ex-footballers as possible. If you know what has happened to any former players not listed on the site, please do get in touch - thanks.


Player's name: Alan SKIRTON


Clubs played for: Arsenal, Blackpool, Bristol City, Torquay United. (1960-1971).


Biography: Worked as assistant commercial manager at Weymouth before becoming commercial manager at Bath City and Yeovil Town until his retirement in 2002.





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SKIRTON, Alan. Remember Alan playing for Arsenal in a friendly against Moscow Dynamo. He barged the fullback onto the track alongside the pitch. Alan could really shift and being big for a winger he took some stopping when at full throttle. Think the fullback went off in the end. Saw him score some great goals during his Arsenal days.


SKIRTON, Alan. I never had the pleasure of seeing Alan play in the flesh but have just been on a cruise and Alan and is lovely wife were on the Braemar at the same time. I was wearing my Arsenal polo shirt and he came onto me and explained who is was. No bragging or boasting - just a very interesting and super man who was also a very good player. On coming home I have found out some more about him and I can also say a very modest man also because he achieved so much but didn't let on. A privilege to have met him and his wife.


SKIRTON, Alan. Somerset Cricket League Div 1, ball is re-cycled to me at cover/mid-off Skirt tells me to hold on to the ball and 'walk his way" to his mark. Eventually he asks for the ball but walks another 20 yds to the boundary, 10 yds from the sight-screen! Spectators, umps and players are wondering what the hell is going on! At tea skirt reveals to me that he had his transistor radio hidden behind the sight-screen and he was listening/waiting for a 3:30 race result...I swear this is the truth. What a character and good mate.


SKIRTON, Alan. My fondest memory of Alan was when he scored a cracking goal against Tottenham just before christmas 1962. It was Jimmy Greaves second match for Tottenham and he was on 99 goals. All the papers were saying he would easily get at least 2. But he didn't and we won 2-1. A very Happy Xmas.



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