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We are keen to include as many ex-footballers as possible. If you know what has happened to any former players not listed on the site, please do get in touch - thanks.


Player's name: Phil WHELAN


Clubs played for: Ipswich Town, Middlesborough, Oxford United, Rotherham, Southend United (1990-2003).


Biography: Former England under international defender is now a teacher and works in Cheshire.





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WHELAN, Phil. Mr Whelan taught my year 5 class as his first teaching position at Whitchurch Junior School. We all talk about him now, even though we're now in year 13.


WHELAN, Phil. Mr Whelan was my primary school teacher in year 5 and then my literacy and science teacher in year 6 at Elworth primary school! He was one of the best teachers. I am now in year 10 and I remember him. Shame he left!



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