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John Byrom

John  Byrom

Clubs played for: Blackburn Rovers & Bolton Wanderers

Biography: As a player he was a no-nonsense centre forward with plenty of character.Started his career with Blackburn Rovers playing over 100 games for them before signing for Bolton Wanderers in 1966 where in a ten year spell he scored 130 goals before returning to Blackburn Rovers for a final season. On retiring he took many jobs including driving & selling cars before setting up his own gas cylinder business from which he took early retirement in the mid 1990's. In 2004 he was interviewed by a local newspaper & said of his current situation 'I want for nowt & live in the Ribble Valley it's a nice place.During the winter I brew up or I'll go out on the shooting scene its a good social scene I've no problems whatsoever'

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Byrom, John I remember the goal he scored against Middlesbrough (already crowned as 1st Division champions) around 1973. He was once unable to play for a couple of games after dropping a brick on his foot whilst doing some DIY.
08-02-18 Brendan

Byrom, John I remember a goal he scored against Southampton in the FA Cup 3rd round in the 70's, Losing 3-2 he got the ball around the half-way line dragged it through the mud and buried his shot into the top corner, unfortunately we lost the replay 2-0

Byrom, John Played with him in a kick about match in the Isle of Wight in 1969. He was there with Ronnie Clayton. Clayton didn't play. The other players didn't know who he was but I did. I got his autograph a few years earlier when he came to play for Blackburn in London. The score was 0-0 just before half time - the ball was bouncing around about 30 yards from goal and he hit a half volley which went just under the bar dead centre of goal.It was more powerful than a Bobby Charlton special. The power was unbelievable. No wonder he scored so many goals..

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