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Frank Carrodus

Frank Carrodus

Clubs played for: Manchester City,Aston Villa,Wrexham,Birmingham City & Bury.

Biography: A winger best known for his time at Aston Villa he played in the Football League between 1969-84. He continued playing non league football before getting a job in financial services which he did not like. He set up a Corporate Hospitality business in 1986 and is now Managing Director of the company Choice Events in Hale. It deals with hospitality at major sporting events.

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Carrodus, Frank Met in St. Lucia in early 70's. Curious to know where Frank is now.

08-03-18 Ann Wheaton

Carrodus, Frank Hi Frank, us old Blues still remember you on the PA when you were introduced at one match as 'And the City substitute is Frank Carrocious'...... sounds lethal..!

Carrodus, Frank played together as teenagers founder members of heyes albion fc in the 60's

Carrodus, Frank Frank also played for Runcorn in around 1986,in the Conference with Barnet.

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