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Wyn Davies

Wyn Davies

Clubs played for: Wrexham, Bolton Wanderers, Newcastle United, Manchester City, Manchester United, Blackpool, Crystal Palace, Stockport County, Crewe Alexandra. (1960-1977).

Born: 1942

Birthplace: Caernarfon, Wales


Position: Forward

Biography: Known affectionately as 'Wyn the Leap' because of his ball winning skills in the air, played for nine league clubs and won 32 full Welsh Caps. After a career spanning 14 years, he became a baker in Bolton. Although happy in the area, he still holds on to the dream to own a smallholding in his native Caernarfon. (A member of Newcastle United's 1969 Fairs Cup winning side)


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Davies, Wyn After to signed for Newcastle he used to rush down to the Central Station where he would catch the same train as my dad, sister & myself. The first time we saw him, we rushed to get hos autograph. Sadly, our pen wouldn't work. Wyn took it on himself to ask one of the staff if they had a pen & gave us his autograph complete with a little message. We saw him several times & he would always come over & chat. He was great to watch on the pitch & a gentleman off it!!
17-02-20 Ian Gardner

Davies, Wyn Met Wyn at the Christie’s in 2015. A real gent
11-01-20 Dave and Barbara

Davies, Wyn It's too easy to decry the cosseted millionaire players of today, but they seem to lack loyalty and club devotion. In his Newcastle days Wyn was an absolute hero, taking all the rough stuff that defences threw at him but always turning out for the next game, always exciting, always giving his all. Dare I mention that he was succeeded by the mighty Supermac, but those of us who experienced the Fairs Cup campaign will never forget Wyn and the team of miracle workers who took on Europe's finest and won.
13-02-19 Tony Steadman

Davies, Wyn As a youngster,growing up on the Burnden Park terraces,he was my footballing hero- not only known as "Wyn the Leap",his heading ability (less said about his shooting skills!) had him very affectionately known on the "Lever End" as "Nod'em in Wyn"! I treasured an A4 colour print of him for many years,until it faded to yellow on my bedroom wall! Many thanks for those great memories of long ago Wyn - I wish you well!
06-11-18 Roland Birchby

Davies, Wyn In 2005:working in a bakery.he said 'You can tell the fans I'm making lots of dough now!'

Davies, Wyn Come on without,come on within,you'll not see nothing like the mighty Wyn'!

DAVIES, Wyn 1965. A midweek match against Leicester City. Wyn scores superb headed winning goal. In my very inferior way, I attempted to model my own game on Wyn's for years after in local football. Great memories. Well done, Wyn!
david winterbottom

DAVIES, Wyn I meet up with Wyn in Bolton market every Saturday Morning between 9 to 10 am. Fantastic man and treasured by all the football community of Bolton. A real gentleman.
Francis Whittle

DAVIES, Wyn Met wyn back in the 80s when I was presenting a sportsmanship night in Manchester, he asked me as a man city fan, do I think city buying Rodney marsh lost us the title that year, I think it was a big let down for him, as it was the closest he had been to winning the league.
Kenny milward

DAVIES, Wyn My dad (Elwyn Davies) was Wyn's uncle and introduced Wyn to local league football. The rest, as they say, is history. Proud to be related to Wyn and proud of the small part my dad had in introducing Wyn to the game.
Meirion Davies

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