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Tony Green

Tony Green

Clubs played for: St. Mungo's Academy, Albion Rovers, Blackpool, Newcastle United (1964-1973)

Born: 1946

Birthplace: Glasgow, Scotland


Position: Midfielder

Biography: Had to retire at the age of only 27 due to knee trouble. Now a maths teacher in Poulton-le-Fylde, Lancashire and has also been a member of the pools panel for over 35 years. Capped six times by Scotland.

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Green, Tony I could tell you lots cause I am married to him!

08-07-19 Christine Green

Green, Tony This is for the St Mungo's lads. Tony and his wife Christine live in the Blackpool area. I am sure Tony would be happy to get re-aquainted with his old school pals. His address is as follows: 137 Hardhorn Road, Poulton Le Fylde, Lancashire, FY6 8ES. See Tony down at Blackpool FC, even drove him and Christine home a few weeks ago. Still one of the nicest humble guys you could ever meet and an absolute legend at Blackpool.

Latest 40min interview with TG, just copy and paste into your browser :

20-04-19 Steve Peak

Green, Tony Iwent to the mungo with tony, My father was a scout,for clyde, and first saw tony play in a schools match, in glasgow,in 1959. He wrote to Jimmy Murphy at Man Utd, of his outstanding talent, but Jimmy said he had already sent a scout to watch him, but felt he was a little on the small side, but would watch his progress. Iplayed with tony at st .mungos but i played in the catholic school league, and he was in intermediate. Iwas picked for glasgow catholic league schools and he played for glasgow intermediate, we played in netherpollock park, and intermediate won 4-0. Iwould love to get in touch with him again, and would love to contact him. Michael Nugent, Glasgow

Green, Tony does tony have an e-mail, Iwould like to contact him

Green, Tony Was for many years the best player had ever saw playing ifor Newcastle remember him being brilliant at upton park

Green, Tony Like Michael Nugent below, also played for St Mungo's and Glasgow Schools in the early sixties. Even as an early teenager 'Wee Tony' was sensationally talented. His burning ambition was to sign for Celtic, but was rejected for his lack of height at that time. He subsequently took a spurt heightwise, and went on to be one of Scotland's finest ever footballers. I was immensely proud and delighted when his true potential was eventually recognised by his call up to the senior Scotland team for his first of 7 full caps. I too would like to reestablish contact with Tony. PS: At school the only way I could get the ball from Tony was to kick him (in a friendly teammate fashion) !!

Green, Tony I would love to get in touch with tony to tell him a few football stories that happened when he was young that he does not know about. I live in Glasgow, my phone number is 01416201496.

Green, Tony Saw Tony play once for Blackpool. Once for Newcastle. Met a Blackpool fan who said TG was more skilful than Alan Ball

GREEN, Tony Saw Tony Green first time I visited Old Trafford. Coming from Northern Ireland, you can imagine my focus was always going to be on Geordie Best. Newcastle won 1-0 that day with Alan Gowling a former Man Utd player scoring the winner. Best, Law and Charlton all had better days at the office and it was Tony Green who stole the show. A class footballer, made that visit to Old Trafford memorable, so glad I saw him play.
B Hogg

GREEN, Tony Tony green in my humble opinion was one of the greatest players I have seen. As a staunch Blackpool fan, I had the privilege of watching him on many occasions and have since come to know him quite well and may I say he is one of life?ǨѢs true gentlemen. He was very close to the great Stanley Mortenson who signed him for Blackpool and has since given me the pen that Morty signed him with taking the time to have it plated and giving it to me as a birthday present. Unfortunately he is not enjoying the best of health but it was a tragedy that a tendon problem cut short his career the man was a genius and I have no doubt that he would have been up there with the best had his career continued.
Gordon Hugo

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