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Steve Holbrook

Steve Holbrook

Clubs played for: Hull City (70-72), Darlington (72-77), Gateshead





Biography: Born in Richmond, N.Yorks. d.o.b: 16 September 1952. Steve now lives in Darlington and works as a self-employed Plasterer.

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Holbrook, Steve I played against Steven 1966/67 season, I was in goal for Durham County school boys and Steven was playing for Yorkshire, although he was only in the 3rd year at the time a year younger than most of the player. Pat Cuff was I goal for Yorkshire. In the Durham line up was Richie Pitt and David Mills. I still have the match program.
31-12-19 Eddie Davison

Holbrook , Steve I played football with 'Steph' at Richmond Secondary Modern School. Memories of winning 14 or 15 nil every match! I was a full back who never crossed the half way line thanks to Steph. Awesome - assisted by his hand made boots ahead of his time!

Holbrook , Steve I remember Steve playing against our senior side when he was 11 and he got 14 of the 16 goals that they scored ! I played agsinst him when we were both 16 a week after he scored for England schoolboys at Wembly, a game we lost 6-1 after being 1-0 up after an hour until Steve turned it pn, what a player !

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