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lawrie LESLIE

Clubs played for: Airdrie, West Ham United, Stoke City, Millwall, Southend United (1958-1968)

Biography: After being told by doctors as a youngster he would never walk again went onto play five times for Scotland, went onto organise Youth Centres for Hackney School and worked as head of centre at Cardinal Pole School in Homerton.

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LESLIE, lawrie When Lawrie played for Stoke City he was very popular with the fans but he seemed to have trouble with long range shots. When he came onto the pitch he would wave to the crowd. The comedians in the crowd would say that he was not waving to them but feeling where the goal posts were. Great memories
09-05-18 Brian Mate

LESLIE, lawrie I learnt so much about football from Mr. Leslie during my 2 years at Cardinal Pole school. He knew what position best suited everyone, even though at first you were like... "I'm not a defender!". I agree that Mr. Leslie always had time for a one on one. He was also able to teach you to use the skills that you had and sticking to the basics. When I was 12 he taught me about cutting inside and whipping in crosses, a technique I am now teaching my 9 yr old. Mr. Leslie is an inspiration and and a credit to his profession.
09-04-18 Kevin Nolan

LESLIE, lawrie Mr Leslie was my sports teacher at Cardinal Pole from 1975 to 1978. A true gent. I had ambitions at the time of getting into pro football. He gave me lots of advice and encouragement and actually took time out to speak to you one on one. I will never forget him

LESLIE, lawrie Lovely man if you was in goal and you dropped the ball or let it slip out of your hands he would call you teflon

LESLIE, lawrie Mr Leslie made me a Prefect in my 1st year at Cardinal Pole. He made me football team captain and taught me about defensive football tactics. A great inspiration to me....

LESLIE, lawrie Lawrie or Mr. Leslie was my P.E. Teacher at Cardinal Pole R.C. School, in the late 80's. I was never the quickest or most physical boy, but Mr. Leslie taught me to read the game and about positional play. I played to a v.good amateur level and I thank Mr. Leslie for this. A true gent and incredible human being. 'Concentrate on your strengths and not your weaknesses lad' I've carried this advice throughout my life.

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