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Tony Macedo

Tony Macedo

Clubs played for: Fulham





Biography: Tony Macedo was a lad from Malta in the 50's. A goalkeeper who played many years for Fulham. Oustanding young acrobatic lad. Do not know where he is now but was a very good Goalkeeper.

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Macedo, Tony Tony (Real name Elio) Macedo was born in Gibraltar, not Malta. He played almost 400 games in goal for Fulham FC and gained 10 Under 23 England Caps. He still lives and now resides in South Africa. If you want a photo of him please let me know and I'll send some to you.
08-02-20 Mario Golt

Macedo, Tony I was in the the same time as Tony. He and I were at Middle wallop for Trade training and then he was posted to Germany. Fulham arranged for him to fly back to England to play for them until he was posted back to England to R.A.F. Uxbridge. Our station played cricket against Uxbridge and i bumped into Tony again there playing for the opposition. I never met him again but kept note of his performances and recken he should have got an English cap he was so good. I've just had my 81st. Birthday and note Tony's is due shortly. Good luck Tony. (sad to see Gordon Banks has died today. another fine goalkeeper and lovely man. RIP.)
21-06-19 Brian York

Macedo, Tony I am a friend of Harry Sinclair who was a goalkeeper for Fulham and Tony took Harry's place. I played table tennis one evening with Tony at a Rolls Royce social club as I was working at the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders at the time and our social secretary arranged for our firm to visit the Rolls Royce social club and that is where I played table tennis with him, it would be about 1959/60. Harry lives near me in Bournemouth.

Macedo, Tony Please give my best wishes and regards to Harry Sinclair. He took me training and taught me good goalkeeping when I was nine years old. Balvernie Grove, Southfields, 1959. It's stayed with me ever since. Sincere thanks! Tom Sanderson

Macedo, Tony According to the biography above, Tony came from Malta.....I began watching Fulham in 1955....Tony, Jim Langley, Lowe, Stevens, Robson, Jezzard, Haynes & well I remember that forward line (they were all 'strikers' !!) However, I always thought that Tony Macedo was born in Gibraltar...not Malta. Can anyone confirm this ?

Macedo, Tony The general consensus is that Tony was from Gibraltar with English/Gibraltarian parents. He currently lives in South Africa & has done since finishing his career through injury at 31. My belief is that in the 50's he lodged in Wardo Avenue Fulham, just minutes from Craven Cottage. My grandparents lived in that road also.
Roy Day

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