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Teddy Maybank

Teddy Maybank

Clubs played for: Chelsea, Fulham, Brighton, Fulham. (1974-1979)

Born: 1956



Biography: A tall blond striker who made his league debut in a relegation battle with Spurs at White Hart Lane in April 1975. However, when the club dropped into the second division, he struggled to adapt and manager at the time, Eddie McCreadie, turned to Steve Firmieston. This added to the fact that a young Tommy Langley was waiting in the wings, he was allowed to join Fulham for £75,000, despite still only being 20 years old. Later played for Brighton and back at Craven Cottage before hanging up his boots. Started the Maybank Press, publishing company and printed football programmes after his career was ended early through injury. Since then he has worked in construction and has appeared on TV shows Blind Date and The Weakest Link. Is now believed to have varied business interests on the South Coast.

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Maybank, Teddy I used to play in the same side as Teddy and Ray Lewington in south London. He used to score lots of goals and I must of set him up for a few. I was the little left winger and can remember the London schools cup finals. We played against one another. They both played for Stockwell Manor and I played for Henry Thornton. Teddy came on with his knees bandaged up saving him as sub. With minutes to go, I just knew he was going to score with his head from a corner and with his first touch scores with a header takes us into extra time which we eventually lost. Still hurts me now thinking about it. I was at Crystal Palace at the time. Yeah, shame about his knee problems. He had them when he was younger but it did not stop him scoring goals. A great player.
08-10-21 david hogan

Jenny Verge I met him at the ice rink in Streatham. His brother Martin went to school with my best friend Sandra Macdonald
31-08-20 Jenny Verge

MAYBANK, Teddy My brother Tony was friends with you when you lived in Brixton. I liked your brother 😆
Diana willoughby

Maybank, Teddy Last seen on The weakest link !!!

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