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Clubs played for: Hibernian, Arsenal, Aston Villa, (1957-1967)

Biography: Scottish international winger moved home after working for G.R.E. in Birmingham for many years.

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McLEOD, John I was 15 when Johnnie came to Arsenal. I watched him in games and practiced his moves. When I first played for Islington, I led the opponents right back a merry dance, going past him using all the tricks I learned from him. I got rave reviews. Thank you Mr McLeod
16-04-18 Stan Lock

McLEOD, John I was a cabaret act and was Appearing at the Forum Restaurant in Glenrothes, and I decided to find accommodation in Leven. That is when I met Johnny and his Wife Vera at his guest house, His guest house was situated overlooking the sea and right next to the Golf course, he had 4 Sons and the name of the house was 'FORE BUOYS' which I thought was brilliant. Johnny was a total Gent and Vera and Johnny came to the shows to watch me perform, I would love to get in touch with him again him

McLEOD, John Dave is trying to trace John,. They played for Hibs together before Dave moved to Leicester and John went to Arsenal.

McLEOD, John I was in the RAF with wee Johnny and we trained together whilst he was playing for Hibs. I watched him many times playing for Hibs and we regularly went to the dancing together. I would love to trace an old friend any help would be appreciated.

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