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Geoff Nulty

Geoff Nulty

Clubs played for: St Helens Town, Stoke City, Burnley, Newcastle United, Everton (1967-1980)

Born: 1949

Birthplace: Prescot, Lancashire England

Position: Midfielder

Biography: A midfield player he played in the Football League between 1968-1980. Aged 31 his playing career was ended in the 1980 Merseyside derby by a tackle from Jimmy Case which caused severe ligament damage. He coached briefly at Everton and Preston North End after this. He obtained a degree in social sciences and went on to become a sub postmaster whilst having interests in property developments. He still goes to games at Burnley and lives in his hometown Prescot.

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Nulty, Geoff I met Mr Nulty as a boy in the early 70. He introduced me to the Stadium. He was a hero as a football player for me.
22-07-21Hans Seaton

Nulty, Geoff Geoff was the Rolls Royce of midfielders, loved st the toon ,we called him the "Multi Nulty " for his wishes Geoff from Parfitt (former leader of the LBAB)

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