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Stuart Pearson

Stuart Pearson

Clubs played for: Hull City, Manchester United, West Ham United.

Born: 1949

Birthplace: Cottingham

Position: Forward

Biography: Nickname PANCHO. Bought by Manchester Utd when they were relegated to 2nd Division. Scored loads of goals in that following 2nd division championship winning season. Scored plenty after that as well in the first division and played 15 times for England. His famous punch in the air after he scored was legendary. My hero. Where is he and what is he doing now?.

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Stuart 1978. Two mad lads from the Reading - super MUFC fans - going everywhere and anywhere to see the Reds. Ended up in Tampa of all places watching a friendly game. We were out of money, had no tickets for the game (long story which involved flying to New York with Freddie Laker thinking we could hitch a ride or get the train to Tampa as we did to game in the UK) Anyway, before game, looking in the through the metal gates of Tampa stadium, we saw Stuart and called him. He came over and we told him we had no tickets for the game. He disappeared and moments later returned with a couple of tickets. Much appreciated and much respect, a simple act of kindness that I've never forgotten. Thanks.
07-09-20 Tony Dickenson

Pearson, Stuart Hessle Tranby Camp might not mean much to you but as a small child you and your parents lived there along with my parents and my elder brother and many other familys waiting for housing. A group of them formed Hessle Tranby football team cleared wasteland and marked out their pitch and did reasonably well in the local leagues. There are a couple of pictures that will shortly be posted on Hessle History and Photos group on Facebook My dad told me that you took a shine to my brothers pedal car when my family were housed so left it with you. Would be happy to send these pics if you want 👍
07-09-20 Gary Nixon

Pacho Pearson Pancho Pearson - my favourite Man Utd player. From being a young lad, i've got his 1977 cup final shirt with no 9 sewn on. Thanks. Jimmy Shelton

Pearson, Stuart Hi would love to be able contact Stuart Pearson who played for Manchester United
29-08-20 Mick Sweeney

Stuart Pearson Been doing my family tree and we’re related
24-08-20 Marie Parton

Stuart Pearson Had the pleasure of watching Stuart playing many times in Hull, firstly for Hull City's reserves, and then later on the first team. I thought Stuart was kept in the reserves for far too long. He should have been brought into the first team in '68-'69 when Chris Chilton had to take a long break because of injury. Instead of bringing in Stuart, the manager Cliff Britton replaced Chris Chilton with Billy Wilkinson, the smallest player in the club. He was a good player, but not suited to playing at centre-forward. It didn't work, and we dropped down the table.
I was always convinced Stuart was going to be very successful, and I'm pleased he proved me right!
16-08-20 Lee Verity

Pearson, Stuart Like a lot of other United supporters, Stuart was my favorite player at the time To say I felt depressed when Sexton sold him to West Ham and replaced him for a gorilla from Leeds, is putting it mildly. I worked for a publishing company in the mid-late 70's where I was able to get hold of a full size print of Stuart & Lou in press up mode with a beautiful blonde in the middle. It was taken before the '77 cup final. Stuart also allowed me to take a pic in the players tunnel before a game in the 90's. Thanks for the great memories, Stuart. Wish I could turn the clock back.
03-08-20 Andrew aka Teapot. North Herts.

Pearson, Stuart Had his best days at Hull City - that's what made him in to the footballer he became.

Pearson, Stuart What a legend this man is; I watched the FA cup final in 1977 and Stuart was fantastic, especially when he beat Clemence at his near post. I will take these inimitable memories to my grave. Stuart Pearson, you are incredible. Thank you.....
09-06-20 Adrian

Pearson, Stuart Hi mate i went through my dads stuff for the first time since he died and i found pictures off my nan and grandad obviously i never met them but you have the same gran parents my dad was roland alan pearson
16-03-20 Jack pearson

Pearson, Stuart Always my favourite Man United player. I was a delivery man in 2002 and I delivered to a technology company in Warrington. The lady on the front desk who signed for the delivery was called Susan Pearson. Her company badge however, just said S. Pearson. I just happened to mention to her that the name "S. Pearson" brings back really fond memories of my footballing hero Stuart Pearson! She then stated that it was indeed her husband! I spent what seems like ages just chatting about her husband. Looking back now, many year's later, it seems quite bizarre that she was having a conversation with another man gushing about her husband. Susan was really friendly and a really lovely person.
04-10-19 Chris O'Malley

Pearson, Stuart I saw Stuart Pearson in 83/84 working as a life guard at Sale leisure centre. In those days..well 70's/80's, Utd players mostly lived in Sale, Cheshire. Must have been a one off as I never saw him again. Real star from the days of real football!!

PEARSON, STUART It's great to watch 'Pancho' on YouTube recreating those goals he put in the back of the net. One thing I really do regret big time is I never met the man who made me a United fan since those time in the 70s - Hill, Coppell and Pearson. The others all played their part so don't thing I am disrespecting anyone. Thank you.
martin moran

PEARSON, STUART Hello Stuart, trying to get hold of your Sister Deborah. We went to Cottingham High School together. Class of 1975. As we all turn 60, from September, we are having a reunion. I would love to be in touch to invite her.
Helen Russell (Smithard)

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