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Frankie Prince

Frankie Prince

Clubs played for: Bristol Rovers & Exeter City




Biography: A midfield player he played in the Football League between 1967-82. He made 362 appearances in the Football League for Bristol Rovers between 1967-80. He finished his playing career at non league Gloucester City. Thereafter he became a greengrocer. In 1992 he became Community Officer at Torquay United and still remains in that role.

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Prince, Frankie I first met Frank when I was about 7 years old, he coached football at my primary school in Torquay and held a Saturday football club which I also attended throughout my primary and secondary school years. Frank was a great inspiration to me growing up football and Torquay United mad, he coined me with the nickname Scholsie as I am also a Man Utd fan and a redhead! Lost contact with him after we moved away from Torquay in 2010 but I recently stumbled across some old memories from my primary school years and I wanted to see if there was still information about Frank around, I’m glad to see that he has given some great memories to plenty of people, as he did for me. An inspiration for me growing up and I hope one day I will be able to catch up with him again nearly 11 years later! You are a legend Frankie!
27-11-20Carlito Miracco

Prince, Frankie I remember Frank Prince playing in New Zealand in 1971 for Wales,then Bristol Rovers when they went to New Zealand at Aucklands Newmarket Park
18-11-20Tony Farrell

Prince, Frankie First met Frankie when we used to catch the same no. 83 bus home in the afternoons from the bus stop by the Thirteen Arches near the old Eastville Sradium. His lodgings must have been near my home by Horfield Common. Years later as a Gashead I met him again when we used to play charity football matches for St Christophers Special School. Lovely fellow quiet and so different from how he played football.

Frankie I knew Frankie when he first came to Bristol to play for Bristol Rovers, I lived very close to where he was lodging. We became good friends, me being 2 years younger than him and also a B.R.F.C. fan and still am. I met him at Plainmoor a few years ago when I was visiting Torquay, and we caught up on "old times" Today 11/4/2020 I received a postcard from him out of the blue saying he found a letter I had written him in 2007, and was asking how I was during the current virus pandemic, ( I am O.K ! ) Frankie did not give me his address and i would love to reply to his postcard. Can anyone help me please, or maybe get in touch with Frankie to ask him if he would either reply to my e-mail or if possible give me his address so I could respond to the very nice card he sent me. Many thanks.

Prince, Frankie As a young man I saw Frankie play for Bristol Rovers v Shrewsbury where I was teaching.He ran the game from midfield-a very good footballer.
24-08-20Meurig Jones

Prince, Frankie Became friends with Frank when I organised overseas football groups to visit and train with Frank at Torquay United. He retired from the role as Community Officer at Torquay United in Dec 2014 after over 20 years in the role. He is one of the nicest people you could ever meet, and still as fit as ever. The word Legend was madw for Frank.

Prince, Frankie His ex landlord when he played for Bristol Rovers would love to meet up with him. Lost contact but was told he lives in Ottery St Mary, Devon.
Graham Hazell

Prince, Frankie Yes agree with the former statements? Looking at newspaper reports after his retirement from Torqyay United as a community officer he states he still feels 21! Says it all?

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