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Jimmy Sanders

Jimmy Sanders

Clubs played for: Charlton Athletic, West Bromwich Albion, Coventry City. (1944-1958)





Biography: Went to work in the pub trade and wore his 1954 FA Cup winners medal around his neck lived in retirement in Tamworth until his death in August 2003 aged 83.

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Sanders, Jimmy Jim Sanders was my father, the first place I can remember living in was the George & Dragon in Derby, after that we moved a lot, The Wallpack Inn, Nuneaton, the New Crown & Cushion, Perry Barr a couple of other places as well. He was born in Hackney, London on 5/7/1920 and died Tamwoth 11/08/2003. I attended the funeral where I met his then wife. I had not seen him since my mother took me, and my sister's away from him in 1967-8. WBA attended the funeral as well, and I appreciated the gesture. Sadly his 1954 Cup medal was not to be passed to me, but went to his wife's child, it would have been a nice memory. A powerful man, stubborn, but I have some good memories of him.
08-07-19 Terry Sanders

Sanders, Jimmy Jim was my dad. It was said that his mom made him wear a different coloured jumper in goal 'because he would get a cold else'. Not sure how true it is that he instigated goalies wearing different coloured jerseys or not. We lived in the Old crown and cushion (or was it the new one?) on Birchfield Road, Perry Barr. He always smelt of a. brylcream, b. fags, c. beer!

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