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Alan Sealey

Alan Sealey

Clubs played for: Leyton Orient, West Ham United, Plymouth Argyle (1960-1967).





Biography: The scorer of two goals in the 1965 Cup winners Cup Winner died suddenly at his home in Collier Row near Romford in February 1996 after a heart attack.Worked in a bookies for many years then returned to The Hammers as a scout. Cousin of Les Sealey.

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Sealey, Alan I knew Alan when we were kids. He lived opposite me in Ernest road Canning Town (street not there anymore). I last saw him cutting the grass alongside the cemetery by the sewers hill, at Plaistow, when we were about 18. I think he was involved with football then. I was not surprised that Alan took up football, that's all he wanted to play, if he had the choice, when we were kids. I can't remember him being without a tennis ball in his pocket. "Ready for the off". He was a really nice kid in those days and judging by the comments here he grew up just the same. I had a look at this site just to remind me. Best Wishes to his family.
10-09-19 Ted Leader

Sealey, Alan Fondly remembered for his infectious humour, including his exaggerated stammer. We once travelled in Johnny Haynes' MG, where everything had been adapted. Small steering wheel, and more. Alan's comment ''Ere, H-H-Haynsie, who's this f-f...... car belong to, f-f-f...... Jimmy Clitheroe ?' Great company.

Sealey, Alan There is a claim from a gentleman here that he is Alan Sealey the footballer from the 60s. But most information says he passed away in 1996. He obviously says he is the person who technically died but they resuscitated him. Please enlighten me.

Sealey, Alan I knew Alan as I played football with his son, Anthony. He was a lovely man but did get himself into trouble with referees from time to time as, being an ex-pro, he was fully aware when other Sunday league teams were not playing fair. He would coach us quite often and was absolutely brilliant, always positive and very knowledgeable. His funeral was very sad but it was lovely that so many footballers turned up to pay their respects, namely Greave and Redknapp to name a few of the many. Taken too soon-always fondly remembered.

Sealey, Alan West Ham came back from an away game in 1963 and arrived at St Pancras station at 11pm on a Saturday night. I was only 14 and got all their autographs. Alan Sealey thought I was out a bit late and asked me where I lived. I helped him put the kit in the back of the West Ham minibus and Alan and the kit man dropped me off home. Will never forget his kindness and was really happy when he scored both goals when West Ham won the Cup Winners Cup beating Munich 1860 2-0 two years later.

Sealey, Alan I know it's a bit late. I've only just seen that Alan is no longer with us. I played in the same team (B team at Fairbairn House) when we were young lads. He was always a good team mate and funny with it. Other members of the side were Terry Smith, Harry Cripps, John King, Lenny Salter, Freddie Farey, Harry Finnessy. Good days.

Sealey, Alan Alan was my Dad lovely to read some lovely messages and memories! Thanks to all!

Sealey, Alan Knew Alan very well from our days at Fairbairn House Not only was he a fantastic footballer but an extremely talented cricketers both batting and bowling .We enjoyed many matches playing with West Ham School Boys , London Boys Clubs and of course Fairbairn House . Terry Smith

Sealey, Alan Alan was a pleasure to be around he coached me when I was an apprentice he had a great knowledge of the game and was a great inspiration I managed to play in a reserve team game with him, brilliant football brain and wonderful company a lovely lovely man I remember meeting his son when he was a very young boy.

Sealey, Alan Alan was my neighbour and also a great cricketer, helped me lots as a young man at fairbairn house. I wa never good enough for the football team , but played with him occasionally.. Alan always had a joke or funny story. Much missed!,

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