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John Sewell

John Sewell

Clubs played for: Charlton Athletic, Crystal Palace, Leyton Orient. (1956-1971)




Biography: Finished his career in the states where he coached and owned a teashop in California, has now retired to Seattle, Washington in 2006 with his wife Maureen.

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Sewell, John A reply for you Norman Bartlett, John Sewells Son is on facebook and you may be able to message him. His name is Howard Sewell. Hope this is of some use to you in your search. Denise
15-09-21 Denise

Sewell, John My late wife Ann worked with John’s wife Maureen in the mid 50s before we married and we became good friends. When they moved to the States we stayed in touch but our contact slowly became less frequent and since the death of my dear wife I have lost touch
I have tried several times to find them but my information is so thin I have had no real success probably due to the several moves they have made.

08-09-20 Norman Bartlett

Sewell, John As a first generation American with German parents, Football/soccer wasn’t foreign to me. Playing it the right way was. Until my Brother, Thomas and I, were fortunate enough to play with Mr. Sewell, and his sons Warren and Howard. Mr. Sewell led our Club team to a League Championship, and our High school team to a CIF Championship with Mr. Wilms, in the then very competitive Southern California. I think of him often, and as I coached my kids, heard myself sounding just like him.
I’m 54 now. Today, 11/3/19 I’m on my way to England with my son, Isaac (18), so he can see where real Football is played, and the surroundings that go with it.
Funniest thing he ever said to me:
“Stephan, you don’t have much to say, but when you do, it sure isn’t worth listening to.”
The greatest Person, I’ve ever been lucky enough to play with-Indoor, be coached by, and just got to be around. I know my Brother would say the same...
I’ll finish with this life lesson from him:
“Play the way you’re facing.”
Wishing Mr. Sewell and his Family the very Best Always!!!

17-07-20 Eckel, Stephan

Sewell, John John Sewell is my cousin. He also played as an England schoolboy at rugby union.
07-11-19 Chris Brown

Sewell, John I believe coach Sewell was my soccer coach back in the 80's in Southern California. I enjoyed playing for his team and learned so much while playing for him. At the time, I had no idea how accomplished he was in the world of football. I hope he is well.

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