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Trevor Smith

Trevor Smith

Clubs played for: Birmingham City, Walsall (1953-1966)




Biography: Played in the same school side as Duncan Edwards won the League Cup with The Blues in 1963 managed a Pub for a while for becoming a manager for a wine Store before moving to Dagenham, Essex , worked for Nissan before retiring to Walton on the Naze where he died of lung cancer in August 2003 ages 67.

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Smith, Trevor After finishing his soccer career at Walsall circa, 1966 Trevor and his wife took the tenancy of the Fox Inn , ( a Banks Brewery house if I remember correctly ) at Hopwas, on the Lichfield side of Tamworth. Having got married in 1966, a neighbour, Charlie Pace & myself were regulars at the Fox Inn, which was a 20 mins. walk from where we lived on a new housing estate in Tamworth. Friday nights at The Fox are well remembered, Trevor, as always being the perfect "mine host", shut the doors at 10.30pm and locked them securely, sent his wife to bed, and with just a few regulars, including Charlie and myself "locked-in" supping a few more extra pints until either we or Trevor felt we had had enough. Cost of Banks Mild was 1/1d per pint, (just over5p!!!)with Banks Best Bitter at 1/5d per pint (7p new money))- price of beer at that time seemed to remain static for years., so there were generally no moaning or groaning customers on Budget day. Happy days, 50 years on.
06-04-21Richard Harding

Smith, Trevor You are wrong, Trevor played for Quarry Bank senior school, Duncan played for Dudley school boys. Quarry Bank near Brierly Hill was in Staffordshire , Dudley was in Worcestershire. Trevor played in the Brierly Hill school boys area teams who lost in the final of the F.A . School boys cup to Liverpool. I grew up with Trevor and his cousin Sidney Watts as my granny lived a few doors away on the Blue Ball council estate in Quarry Bank.At 17 years Trevor played his first game for the Birmingham City first team. However he did become a little arrogant ,l think he forgot where he came from.Would'nt we all.
07-11-19Cedric Amphlett

Smith, Trevor I met Trevor when doing my National Service in the Army. It seemed to the me that he was one of the privileged sportsmen who had much easier lives than the rest of us. He played with us in practice games but only in goal. His limbs were much too valuable to risk in open play. He didn't endear himself to me when I revealed that I was a Manchester United supporter. 'They don't frighten us', he boasted. I'd love to have met him in later years to review that opinion. The piece of land that we played on didn't have goalposts and this deficiency was put to the test when I was put through on his goal. I beat him to the ball and lobbed it over him and into the empty (and netless) net. 'Oh hard luck,' he said - 'over the bar. You think so', I responded. 'Yes', was his reply. 'Then that's why you play for Birmingham.' After this I avoided close proximity to Trevor. He was much too big to argue with.

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