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Phil Summerhill

Phil Summerhill

Clubs played for: Birmingham City, Wimbledon, Huddersfield Town

Biography: Living in Solihull, Involved in Little leagues and coaching young players with professional possibilities

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Summerhill, Phil I started following "The Blues" in mid 60's but the most memorable team was early 70's through to the mid-70's when Trevor Francis was introduced to the first team - what a player he became. I have a photo of the 1972 - 73 squad which includes R. Hynd, Ray Martin, P. Cooper, D. Robinson, A. Campbell, G. Pendry, M. Page, Bob Barton, R. Latchford, T. Francis, P. Summerhill, K. Burns.
I emigrated the UK in 1975 and am currently living in California, USA. I have continued to follow the "Blues" and am saddened to see they are battling to avoid relegation to the 3rd division. They deserve better than this, the owners need to spend money on some quality players.
11-02-18 Roy McQuoid

Summerhill, Phil Saw Phil playing for B’ham in the late 60s and early 70s. He was one of those players who didn’t seem to contribute much. The only thing he could do was score goals! I remember one game possibly against Norwich. It was windy, Phil was outside the goal keeper’s area, to one side. The ball came to him, he missed kicked it but it sailed into the air, the wind caught it and it landed in the back of the net. Keeper new nothing about it!!!
I remember there was a story that Phil was on a £100 a week (lot of money in those days!) Iwas in the kop, Phil missed a pass and someone in the crowd started slagging Phil off and said ‘for £100 a week I’ll piss on the pitch’, to which someone shouted out ‘what will you do for a dollar (5 shillings or 25p in those days!!

Summerhill, Phil I trained under Phill when I played for acocks green lions top bloke this going back to the early 80s though

Summerhill, Phil phil played for kings rise school he always got a hatrick against us michaels rc ..he was impossible to stop,apowerhouse of a player..1959_62..i followed his career,having played against him..

Summerhill, Phil hi phil just trying to catch up with what your up to now you have finished with football as i used to follow you at the blues and lived round the conner from your mom and dad in lea hall and see you go to the games with gary pendry in your capri

Summerhill, Phil I have just thought I never said in my letter below re Phil and me getting locked in Highgate United's ground at 1am in the morning - Phil did sign for me at Redditch Utd, along with another great Blues player Alan Campbell.

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