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John Winfield

John Winfield

Clubs played for: Nottingham Forest, Peterborough United. (1961-1974).




Biography: Ran a newsagents in Woollaton, Notts before retiring to live in Alicante Spain having played over 350 games as a Left-back for Notts Forest from 1971 to 1973.

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Winfield, John I would dearly love to make contact with John as genealogical research has shown we are half brothers, sharing the same father ( whom I never knew). I know he lived for some while in the Alicante region of Spain but my attempts to find him have not been successful. I would just love the opportunity, not necessarily to contact him myself, but to make him aware of my existence so that he would have the option of contacting me if he was interested and so wished. If you have any suggestions as to how I may move forward I would be so grateful. With many thanks and kind regards,
Neil Winfield.

26-04-21Neil Winfield

Winfield, John Would love to know what happened to him?

Winfield, John Johnny ‘red socks’ was my first football hero. He scored in the first game I ever went to where my dad and I saw forest hammer jack charlton’s run away league leaders Middlesbrough at the City Ground. Great fullback.
16-10-20Paul jenner

Winfield, John John Winfield is my friend.
19-07-20Warren Gibbs

Winfield, John 1. His name is John Winfield. 2. He made his debut for Forest in 1962. 3. His newsagent's shop was the Victoria Centre, not Wollaton. Whoever submitted the original entry is a moron.

Winfield, John I used to wear his old shirt in the junior school football team, from when he was a kid. It was a bit ragged. I played Left-back too. He lived in our village and in the mid 60s we knocked his door and asked him for autographs. He told us to come back, and gave us a football signed by the Forest team. Very kind of him to do that. he was of course something of a hero to us kids at the time.

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