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Clubs played for: Leeds United (1963-1980)

Biography: He and his brothers sold their chain of 26 D.I.Y stores for 27 million in 1987. In 1992 he successfully underwent an operation to remove a brain tumour. Then became property consultant, before retiring after being diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.

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MADELEY, Paul I think Paul played for Farsley Celtic in the Yorkshire League but maybe wrong. He had a Vauxhall FB Victor of which I use to look after through R.A Denisons Armley Vauxhall dealer at the time when he was at Leeds United. It would be nice if this could get back to him for old times sake I know he was very appreciative the way we looked after him and his car.


MADELEY, Paul I played against Paul many times as a school boy he really was a man against boys

MADELEY, Paul A legend of a player. A true gentleman on and off the pitch. I wish Don Revie hadn't taken the England job. Leeds would have won many more trophies including the European cup. Revies dream of Leeds being an English Real Madrid would have been realised

MADELEY, Paul I recall our next door neighbor complaining about Paul Madeley kicking a soccer ball against the large Coop wall in Green Lane/Barkley Road. He'd practice for hours kicking the ball back & forth - but it paid off! That was sixty years ago, when Paul would have been 11 or 12 years old. I think he went to the same school as me, Parkside &/or Cross Flats, but he was two years older.

MADELEY, Paul What a great player of the Revie era. Don called him the Rolls Royce of his team.

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