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Clubs played for: York City, Hull City, Middlesbrough, Shrewsbury Town, Portsmouth, Norwich City. (1946-1955).

Biography: Former manager of the England women's team. Worked as a self employed sales agent.

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REAGAN, Martin Martin Reagan is my dad (as well as us sharing the same name!). Just a bit of additional information: Martin was Director of Football at the Two Rivers soccer camp in California up to 2003. He met my mum when, as a travelling Middlesbrough football fan, she asked him for his autograph after a game at York City - ironically they ended up settling in York after Dad's football career ended. He now lives in a care home at Kirk Hammerton near York.

REAGAN, Martin I wonder if young Martin can tell me, did your dad manage the England Ladies Team in later life?.

REAGAN, Martin Hi, to confirm as per comment 12-10-13, He was between 1979 until 1990 , and reached the milestone of 90 earlier this year!!

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