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REAGAN, Martin


Football boot



We are keen to include as many ex-footballers as possible. If you know what has happened to any former players not listed on the site, please do get in touch - thanks.


Player's name: Martin REAGAN


Clubs played for: York City, Hull City, Middlesbrough, Shrewsbury Town, Portsmouth, Norwich City. (1946-1955).


Biography: Former manager of the England women's team. Worked as a self employed sales agent.





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REAGAN, Martin. Hi, to confirm as per comment 12-10-13, He was between 1979 until 1990 , and reached the milestone of 90 earlier this year!!


REAGAN, Martin. I wonder if young Martin can tell me, did your dad manage the England Ladies Team in later life?.


REAGAN, Martin. Martin Reagan is my dad (as well as us sharing the same name!). Just a bit of additional information: Martin was Director of Football at the Two Rivers soccer camp in California up to 2003. He met my mum when, as a travelling Middlesbrough football fan, she asked him for his autograph after a game at York City - ironically they ended up settling in York after Dad's football career ended. He now lives in a care home at Kirk Hammerton near York.



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