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This site was created using content from a book which was first compiled in the late 1990's. It proved to be really popular despite the rather 'niche' subject. It reached the top of the Times' Sports Books' chart and is still bought and sold on Amazon and E-Bay, sometimes for the princely sum of 1p plus P&P!.

Since that time, we have also published a number of club-specific titles and you can purchase the Kindle versions from Amazon (see links below).

Would you like to help?

If you like the idea of compiling a 'Where Are They Now' for your favourite club, we would love to hear from you. No technical expertise is required, simply a passion for the subject and a bit of hard work. We can give you guidance, provide the publishing know-how and will pay for it to be created.

To find out more, please e-mail Andy Pringle with a little bit of information about yourself and which club you would like to tackle.

Available Titles

As you will see, we have three books available in print and four titles available on the Kindle store. However, we are keen to add to this total so please do check back to see if we have created one for your club!

Saints Cover

Where Are They Now? - Saints
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