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Updated: 10-09-18

Rideout is currently the coach of the Kansas City Wizards U18 team, after previosuly managing the U16 and U17 teams.


Updated: 10-09-18

I remember having a beer with Terry Hennesey, Forest and Wales captain about Peter's skills and comparing him with Gordon Banks. I agreed with Terry when he said that Gordon dominated the penalty area whereas Peter was the best goal line keeper going. He made some tremendous stops, his reactions were lightening.


Updated: 10-09-18

Clive was a friend of my player coach at Tooting Gladbec in the Sunday League. He came to watch us in the final at Dulwich Hamlet. We lost in the final and he gave us lots of good advice after the game. I remember thinking we could have done with that advice before the game. He was nice about it though.


Updated: 10-09-18

Decent player.


Updated: 10-09-18

Remember you going to the same school as my sister Joan, and came recently when I brought your name up with a regular visitor to our table tennis club, Paul Carlin, who says you are his uncle.

My sister Joan, we lived in Cotter Street, also remembers you and hopes you are keeping well.


Updated: 10-09-18

The "Goal" he Scored Against Rochdale 1st Game of the season. Great Shot from Outside the Box which nestled oyutside of the keepers left hand post. Everyone in the ground watch as their keeper collected the ball from the outside of his post and placed down for a goal-kick. Then the referee comes striding in we all thought to say somthing to the keeper, but no he grabs the ball and takes it to the centre having awarded Reading a goal. THE GROUNDS FALL SILENT then everyone is in fits of laughter for the rest of the game which finishes 1-0


Updated: 10-09-18

I worked at the Coventry Economic Building Society in 1970. I got Willie his mortgage!! Great fella. He got me 2 tickets for the infamous Donkey Kick Everton game!!! (I'm an Everton fan)!!


Updated: 10-09-18

Hard-core Royals fan from 1963-1998. Privileged to meet Gilksey when he visited with a view to buying my house in 2003, but we decided the back garden wasn't quite long enough for him to get up to full pace! Always potential excitement when he was playing due to his exceptional pace, so thanks for the memories Gilksey. My second all-time favourite royal (after Robin Friday!)


Updated: 08-09-18

After finishing playing football Norman joined Bedford & Gifford a packaging and paper company in Grimsby and later became a director of the company. In 1963 he started a packaging company named Humberside Wrappings Ltd. with his son David, David had been an apprentice at Hull City for two years but didn’t make a grade. In 1975 Norman & his wife Joyce bought a small holding of 70 acres and started breeding horses, they had some success with point to point races in Lincolnshire where they bred the horses. Norman died in 2007 and Joyce died 5 years later. David is still running Humberside Wrappings.


Updated: 08-09-18

I heard today that Gordon DIED yesterday


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