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Gary Stanley

Gary Stanley

Clubs played for: Chelsea, Everton, Swansea City, Portsmouth, Bristol City. (1975-1988).

Born: 1954

Birthplace: Burton upon Trent


Position: Midfielder

Biography: Midfielder who played for three top level clubs before his time at Pompey. He started at Chelsea, moved to Everton for 350,000 and then played for Swansea City, who were enjoying the best spell in their history. When the Welsh club were relegated from the First Division, Stanley was released on a free transfer and snapped up by Bobby Campbell. He initially slotted into the midfield but was later employed successfully as a right back. Left the club in 1986 and played in the US for Wichita Wings before coming back to play for Bristol Rovers and Waterlooville. Now lives in the Portsmouth area, where he worked for a cable television company before becoming a sales rep for a firm called Colorama Pharmaceuticals.

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Stanley, Gary Never knew Gary, but great years in my early teens watching Chelsea home and away and must say those years as a fan were the best of my life, up and down like a yo-yo but what a team they were, average age of about 22 and was with two players in the team that were in their late 30’s (Bonetti and Harris), Gary was a great player with an incredible shot and scored some incredible goals, I’ve always said that if that team had reached its potential it would have won the first division title and Brian Clough said the same.... EDDIE MACREADIES BLUE AND WHITE ARMY, crowds of 15,000 at home but often took half that number to away games, great years indeed.
24-01-19 Mark Weston

Stanley, Gary I used to live 2 or 3 doors away in Devon Close. I went to the same schools and played football with him and his elder brother... I was rubbish, they were both pretty goood !! I still have familly in Burton on Trent although I live in the Channel Islands now. Just a quick note to pay homage to a fellow stapenhillian and Devon Close/Cumberland roadian. Nigel

Stanley, Gary When I was at school in London, a friend (Lorraine) used to go out with Gary Stanley when he played for Chelsea ; I was very jealous!

Stanley, Gary I worked with Gary at colorama as a sales rep and probably one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. Still a very good footballer.

Stanley, Gary He kept asking his friend to ask me to dance at a IPC Magazines dance when he was at Everton. He pretended to run out of petrol outside my house. I did not invite him in lol

Stanley, Gary Best mate a Everton not seen him for 25 years. wondering if he still has that fantastic head of hair. I hope not he used to nick all my girlfriends !!! contact me pal.

STANLEY, Gary A crackin bloke and it was a pleasure hanging with you mate. Remember going down the 78 club in Burton on Trent together as you went out with my sister if I remember rightly. Hoping that you are well and in good health mate.
David ( Stench ) Longmire

STANLEY, Gary I was a majorette in the late 70s early 80s and did a dance with the troupe on the football field when he was playing. He had a twirl of my baton when we all chatted with the footballers. I think the team felt sorry for us as some people took the mickey out of us, but we still bravely carried on. He was handsome and still looks good now.
Lynne Farley

STANLEY, Gary Gary is alive and kicking in Southsea/Portsmouth. He does still have a full head of hair even if a lot grey in it. He works for a window company in Southsea. I see him every day.
Julie Summers

STANLEY, Gary When I was at Scarletts Club in Sandersread, Surrey, Gary would come in occasionally and we'd chat about Chelsea. I've been a fan of the Blues since the 70's and still am. I lived in Poole for many years and worked for the BBC in Southampton. Still got my home in Poole but currently living in Portugal
Geoff Allen

STANLEY, Gary I knew Gary for a year or so in the 70s when I was going out with one of his mates, Mark, who was a photographer. He was a nice guy. After that I used to bump into him sometimes on a Sunday night in the Marquis of Granby in Esher. Wonder if he would remember that? Must admit I haven't thought of him in years, but reading about the death of Ray Wilkins reminded me of those days.
cathy bailey

STANLEY, Gary Great guy, I use to hangout with him and John Gidman when they played for Everton. Last time I saw Gary was about 30 odd years ago when he was playing in South Wales called to see him at his home. Top man
Tony Rowan

STANLEY, Gary Lol I was a chambermaid in the holiday in in Liverpool in 1980. All the Everton players would stay some lived there. I use to clean Gary?ǨѢs room. He was quite tidy and always smelt lovely of aftershave . Always polite, nice nature xx
Teresa fitzgerald

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