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John Bailey

John Bailey

Clubs played for: Blackburn Rovers, Everton, Newcastle United, Bristol City. (1975-1990)

Born: 1957

Birthplace: Liverpool

Position: Defender

Biography: Made his name with Blackburn Rovers before joining Everton for £300,000 in 1979. Won deserved representative honours with the England 'B'. Became Youth Coach at Everton until 1993.(FA Cup winners medal in 1984)

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Bailey, John When I was a lad he used to get into my dad's pub, he played for Newcastle at the time, he often took me to training to meet the squad, absolute gent.

Bailey, John I have known john for many years and he as never gone round saying he used to play for Everton simply because he donst need to he is so well known in the for the scruffy dog Pele was his name and he was a pure bred labrador.and was well looked after by John and his sister annie

Bailey, John As a young lad, about 15, I attended a physio course at Ashton gate, run by buster footmaher who was a great guy. Martin Scott, ex city Left-back helped buster, and had huge legs, so was able to demonstrate muscle groups. One day, John bailey was there in the physio room with his leg in a bucket of water, with a wire in the bucket. Buster said that electric pulses helped with injuries, and suggested that one of us put a hand in the water to feel the pulses. I was closest, so wearily put my hand in the water and as soon as I touch it, John shouts 'bang', and I jump out of my skin while everyone else laughs. I was a city fan and understood he was a bit of a character, but he nearly gave me a heart attack that day! Happy days!

Bailey, John I was a panel beater/spray painter at a firm called Tom Gorrys just off Great Homer Street in Liverpool. John Bailey was an apprentice panel beater at the time,and a gang of us would play football in the school playground adjacent to the workshop (I taught John all he knew about football!!!)I remember that John always had a 'catchphrase' whenever he was not happy with a decision or a tackle...he would shout very loudly...REFEREE REFEREE!!! and point to the offender or the location of the incident. I thought then...if this guy ever gets signed up by a club I bet he will be known for using this phrase....and guess what..I saw him play for Everton years later and heard those familiar words uttered from him many times during the game!! ps he could play football but couldn't repair cars!! ...well done John

Bailey, John It's a shame to see John these days walking up and down London Rd in Liverpool with a can of cheap lager and a scruffy dog behind him, always queuing outside the Post Office pub for the shutters to lift. If you walk in the bar whilst he is drinking in there you can be sure to be met with 'I used to play for Everton you know...'

Bailey, John I recall John Bailey and paul bradshaw out on the town on a saturday night with there then girlfriends. seems ages ago now.

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