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Geoff Butler

Geoff Butler

Clubs played for: Middlesbrough, Chelsea, Sunderland, Norwich City, Baltimore Comets (loan), Bournemouth, Peterborough (1965-1982)

Born: 1947

Birthplace: Middlesbrough

Position: Defender

Biography: Experienced full back, was manager at Salisbury City for 18 years, from 1983 to 2000. Lives in Shrewton, Wiltshire and has set up his own home improvement company. (Won a Second Division Championship medal and played in the 1973 League Cup final)

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Butler, Geoff I remember watching Geoff playing for the BORO I am certain he came from the Berwick hills area of Middlesbrough. I was from the neighbouring estate of Park end by the way Geoff was a excellent full back.
02-01-21Geoff Boldison

Butler, Geoff Towards the end of Geoff's Bournemouth career he looked after the youth team of which I was one. One training session we were carrying out a simple session where you stood with your back to the goal and Geoff would throw the ball over your head and you had to turn and hit it, my first go Geoff threw the ball over my head and I turned and hit the sweetest shot I could hit and the ball flew into the top corner. As I jogged off thinking how good I was Geoff shouted Haynsey come back and do that again, this time I was lucky if I hit the corner flag, im sure he spun the ball, but I learnt a valuable lesson (I think)... thanks Geoff
09-09-20Paul Haynes

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