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Kevin Campbell

Kevin Campbell

Clubs played for: Arsenal, Leyton Orient, Leicester City, Nottingham Forest, Trabzonspor, Everton, West Bromwich Albion, Cardiff City (1988-2007)

Born: 1970

Birthplace: Lambeth, London

Position: Striker

Biography: Campbell ran a his own record label with rapper Mark Morrison, but now runs a company called T1 Protection who supply security and bodyguards to celebrities. He has also worked as a commentator on Asian channel TEN Sports coverage of Premiership games.

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Campbell, Kevin After watchng Mke Tyson fght In Manchester in January 2000 was in my car outsde the arena at a traffic light and saw a famliar looking face at the side of my car and we both looked at each other assuming I think we knew each other, certainley recognsed him and assumed I knew him from my native Moss Side so offered him and his lady a lift out of the rain. How suprising then when 2 minutes into the ride I discovered he was Kevin Campbell I think he was at Everton then.Nice guy, I dropped them off at the hotel where the after party was being held

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