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Ray Crawford

Ray Crawford

Clubs played for: Portsmouth, Ipswich Town, Wolverhampton Wanderers, West Bromwich Albion, Ipswich Town, Charlton Athletic, Colchester United. (1957-1970).

Born: 1936

Birthplace: Portsmouth


Position: Striker

Biography: Mention the name 'Ray Crawford' to any Ipswich Town or Pompey fan of a 'certain age' and you will quickly realise that he is still revered and remembered as one of the greatest forwards of his day. A great goalscorer and England international, Ray was actually born on Fratton Road and so it is fitting that he should play for the club and can be classed as a true 'local hero'. In a career that spanned fourteen years, he bagged over 300 goals, but is probably best remembered nationally for the brace he scored for Colchester United against the mighty Leeds team of the time in the fifth round of the 1970/1 FA Cup. When he retired, Ray became youth coach at Brighton, briefly working under Brian Clough, and then held a similar post at Fratton Park. At the end of his football career he worked as a representative and merchandiser for Nurdin&Peacock, but is now enjoying a happy retirement in Porchester. His autobiography entitled "Curse of the Jungle Boy" was published in 2007.

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Crawford, Ray We are away at Man Utd...they take a 1-0 lead..we arn`t playing that well and Crawford was truly comments and others had the fans rolling. At half time the RAF did a display with their dogs, fiery hoops and all dog was not doing any good at all...I shouted 'Look it`s Crawford`s dog'...laughs all round....late in the 2nd half, Crawford still having a terrible game, and somehow he got the equilizer...I shouted ' there you are ,told so, he`s a great player'....we were all rolling around laughing. The score...1-1 draw.

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