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Gerry DALY

Gerry DALY

Clubs played for: Manchester United, Derby County, Coventry City, Leicester City, Birmingham City, Shrewsbury Town, Stoke City, Doncaster Rovers. (1973-1988).

Biography: Dublin born, Gerry won 46 caps for his country, Eire, during his playing days which saw him play for eight League Clubs. Unfortunately is now unable to work because of a back problem, his last job was as Manager of Telford United, a post that he held from 1989 until 1994. (Helped Manchester United to the Second Division title in 1975)

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DALY, Gerry Sheila was my best friend I was their bridesmaid in Ireland in 1976.
12-04-18 Sandra camillo

DALY, Gerry Which Republic of Ireland footballer has the same name as a German newspaper? Gerry Daly!
08-03-18 Fred Moghadam

DALY, Gerry Gerry was best man at my wedding on 28th December 1980.
11-02-18 Sue Wilkins

DALY, Gerry Gerry was one of my heroes when he played for United. Couldn't understand Tommy Doc selling him

DALY, Gerry Met Gerry at o/t last night brought back great memories of the good old days under Tommy Doc and our fabulous attack minded teams of the past as T.D used to say the best line of defence is to attack think on LVG

DALY, Gerry Gerry is now a teacher at Oldham College.

DALY, Gerry He was my hero as a kid, wonderful penalty taker, he used to send the keeper the wrong way every time, scored a good few that 74/75 season and i will never forget the scene, Daly turning away in triumph the keeper on one side of the net and the ball in the other side. vivid memories. thanks Gerry

DALY, Gerry I remember meeting Gerry Daly when I was a kid. He and his wife owned a shop or garage in Ancoats. I was staying with relatives in Manchester at the time. I remember how friendly and down to earth he was, a really nice guy.

DALY, Gerry He's not a teacher in Oldham he's retired and living in Draycott, Derbyshire!

DALY, Gerry Remember the old chant? 5 foot 8 under weight gerry dalys f#####g great

DALY, Gerry He was my favourite player when I was watching United in the 1970's. I wore my Gerry Daly badge with pride - nobody could take a penalty like him and he always gave 100%. Thanks for the memories Gerry.

DALY, Gerry Gerry sadly lost his wife a few years ago. On a brighter note he has now 'come home'and works as a match day host at Old Trafford.

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