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George Farm

George Farm

Clubs played for: Blackpool (1948-1959)




Biography: Goalie who played 462 games for Blackpool, and ten games for Scotland. Moved back to Edinburgh and became involved in a woollen and textile business, worked as a journalist and commentator, and spent a short spell as a lighthouse keeper. Died on 18th July 2004. (FA Cup winner with Blackpool in 1953)

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Farm, George Hi there. Was George Farm a School janitor at an all girls school In Edinburgh in the 80’s? Was sure I met him there although I can’t remember if this is true as I was young at the time. Seem to recall my Grandad introducing me to him but can’t remember if it’s true or not.
06-02-21 Mark Butler

Farm, George I believe he went to play for Queen of the South when he left Blackpool. And that his style of catching a ball top and bottom was considered unusual.

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