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Ted Farmer

Ted Farmer

Clubs played for: Wolverhampton Wanderers (1960-1963).




Biography: England Under 23 international who may well have been in the 1966 World Cup Squad, but for an injury sustained in 1964, Ted scored an incredible 28 goals in 27 matches in his first season. Also during that season (1960/1), he achieved another remarkable unique feat by scoring his 21st League Goal in his 21st League match on his 21st Birthday on the 21st of January! A serious knee injury forced Ted to prematurely pack in the game and to become a sports outfitter. Then after working for fifteen years in the computer industry, Ted had to retire due to an accident that left him with osteo-arthritis. (Scored a remarkable 44 goals in 57 games)

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FARMER, Ted I saw Ted play in the 1960’s and we knew he was always likely to score. One particular memory I have is when we were playing Man City at the beginning of the season and won 8-1. Ted scored 3 or 4 goals that day. One of the goals was when he challenged Bert Trautman who lost his temper and kicked the ball at him. Ted took the rebound and tapped it into the net. Such a sad loss when he had to retire due to an overzealous tackle on him during training. He was so good it is most likely he would have featured in the World Cup in 1966.
John Bates

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