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Rachid Harkouk

Rachid Harkouk

Clubs played for: Crystal Palace, QPR, Notts County. (1976-1986)




Biography: Born in Chelsea but played for Algeria in the 1986 World Cup finals in Mexico. He has stayed in Nottinghamshire living in the village of Burton Joyce where he is a successful businessman.

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Harkouk, Rachid Rachid is an absolute mess nowadays, too much marching powder coupled with the ale has turned one of the silkiest footballers I ever saw into a scruffy nuisance,shame.

Harkouk, Rachid Rachid had a terrific partnership with Barry Silkman at Palace in the 70s. Very intuitive and able to play anywhere in midfield. Unpredictable but watchable!
09-09-20Chris K

Harkouk, Rachid I once flew to Malaga with Rash and coming back, after a few too many, he started to sing to the whole plane and received a round of polite applause. Still one of the best around despite a few hiccups.

Harkouk, Rachid I remember seeing him play for Crystal Palace when I was a young man. He had great potential, shame about the career ending injury!

Harkouk, Rachid He married my cousin in 1980, but they were later divorced
01-12-18Andrew Radgick

HARKOUK, Rachid So succesful a businessman he was jailed in 2011 for drugs offences!

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