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Marvin Hinton

Marvin Hinton

Clubs played for: Charlton Athletic, Chelsea (1957-1974).

Born: 1940

Birthplace: Norwood, London

Position: Defender

Biography: An outstanding football brain, Hinton was signed for £30,000 and could play at full back and in central defence, where he was dominating and rarely embarrassed. He was part of Sir All Ramsey's original 40 man World Cup squad but didn't make the final cut, however he did win League Cup and FA Cup winners medals. The arrival of David Webb in 1967 was supposed to signal the end of his stay in 5W6 but he hung around for another nine years taking his service to 13 seasons. Was running his own Office removals business until he was involved in car crash near his home in Crawley Sussex.

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Hinton, Marvin Hi Marvin. We are on holiday in Barbados and met Dave (your school mate) and his lovely wife celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary. Last night Mike England arrived and told many stories.
As a Chelsea fan from a slightly later vintage it was fantastic to hear about legends in the game. Thank you for you career at Chelsea and hope you and the family stay well. Mike
24-11-21 Mike Douglas

Hinton, Marvin I started going to Chelsea 64 season when Marvin started playing i rated him highly he was one of the first who started playing out from playing out from the back so UNLUCKY not to get many England caps if only he was a bit taller he would have brilliant foitball brain like Bobby Moore far BETTER player than J Charlton. Hope you are well Marvin.
11-11-20 J Rowntree

Hinton, Marvin My middle is Marvin and my parents chose it in 1966 when I was born and it was chosen because they were both charlton fans. I have followed charlton for my entire life. I have finally settled down in Central London a mile from Stamford Bridge the home of Chelsea who my middle daughter supports, my eldest daughter supports Arsenal and my youngest daughter Fulham.
I also follow Chelsea as they are my local team but I will forever be a Charlton supporter.
08-09-20 Lee marvin lucas

Hinton, Marvin Marvin and i used to have the same shift at Freddie Lakers, and living on the same estate in Crawley as Marvin he offered me , for quite some time, a lift to work in his blue austin a 45, when we had the same shift. Lovely bloke, and i hope he' s well, cheers Marvin!
07-09-20 Tony Smith

Hinton, Marvin Marvin Hinton is my Great Uncle. I have loads of pictures of him at my Christening! happy to help his name live on!
27-08-20 Finlay waller

Marvin Hinton In Clive Batty's book Kings of the Kings Road it states Marvin played his last game at 46 for Eastbourne United. I know he played for Horsham at 40. Can anyone confirm the Eastbourne playing days ?

Hinton, Marvin A brilliant player for Chelsea at the back. A cool head under pressure. ..and not one to just boot the ball away ...but found other team mates with his accurate passing. It was a pleasure watching him play.
10-09-19 John Reed

Hinton, Marvin I went to the same school with Marvin and was in the same class , even then I could see he was a wonderful football player , but he was hopeless at wood work and metal work . I have lived all my life overseas , and for the past 35 years have lived in Australia and would love to contact Marvin again , I would be very grateful if someone could put me in touch with him

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