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Phil Holder

Phil Holder

Clubs played for: Tottenham Hotspur, Crystal Palace, Bournemouth. (1971-1979).

Born: 1952

Birthplace: Kilburn, Greater London

Position: Midfielder

Biography: Was manager of Brentford, then coached at Reading, Southend and Watford and then Japanese outfit Shimizu S-Pulse, now works in a flower delivery business in West London also sells at Kempton Market.

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Holder, Phil I lived in Kilburn in the same flats as Phil, his sister Annie was in my group of friends. What a footballer.
02-12-21 Peter MacDonald

Holder, Phil I was lucky enough to meet Phil after watching the England vs Australia match at Twickenham stadium on the 13th of November 2021. Me and my parents were waiting for a taxi and starting chatting to Phil. He was there in his car in front of us. What a nice man never forget the stories he told me and my parents and that he was best mates with Harry Redknapp. He was very interesting and kindly gave me £5 as it was my birthday on the day. I will keep this money and know that a legend gave it to me. Thank You
14-11-21 Ethan Serati-Shirazi

Holder, Phil I went to John Kelly school and remember playing against Phil (copper) he was head and shoulders above everyone, but only in football, weird how he relies on copper for relief.
12-11-21 Alan Blackman

Holder, Phil I was lucky enough to meet Phil Holder when I was about 14 years old living in Germany he came to coach my dads regimental team who had got to the Army & Gunner cup finals, in Germany and the UK he spent about a week with them, great character would love to know where he is now.
14-01-21 Craig Lines

Holder, Phil I have just had the pleasure of working with Phil (Bill!!) on a film production and all can say he is one of life’s great characters of which they are a dyeing breed now in this day and age a true gentleman Cheers mate until the next one x.
10-12-20 Ian fingers Lisi

HOLDER, Phil When I was a boy, my school team was Cardinal Hensley. We used to play against play Phil's team and had some good games. One of the games was a cup final which we won 3-. My name is Patrick Hill and I was the goal keeper.
Patrick Hill

Holder, Phil Phil coached the Royal Artillery team at Woolwich on an ad hoc basis when we played in a triangular competition against the Royal Engineers, the REME and the R Signals usually held at Aldershot. Phil was a real licensure with many great idea to motivate the team. His great sense of humour endeared him to the RA team who responded totally to his coaching methods. I was lucky enough to enjoy Phil's company socially and on away games and he kindly invited my son and I to Brentford and introduced us to Steve Perryman and his many Sisters! He the presented a signed football to my son. Sadly l then left the army and lost touch with Phil but tried to follow his career through Google. Incidentally he was also a smashing golfer and l was reading in a Harry Rednapp book (a man walks on a pitch) when Harry mentioned that Graham Souness had great memories when he joined Spurs and Phil and Steve were the jokers in the pack amongst the younger players.My life and the Roal Artillery benefiting greatly from knowing Phil. I hope that Phil and his family are well and happy.

Holder, Phil Don't forget were it started at Percy Road School what a team no one beat us they tried alas they did not i will never forget those games of football fantastic hope I will bump in to you some day Phil.

Holder, Phil Iran boxing shows at palace and new phil as a great guy and sportsman always happy to help

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