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John Manning

John Manning

Clubs played for: Tranmere Rovers, Shrewsbury Town, Norwich City, Bolton Wanderers, Walsall, Tranmere Rovers, Crewe Alexandra, Barnsley, Crewe Alexandra. (1962-1976)

Born: 1941

Birthplace: Liverpool

Position: forward

Biography: Coached overseas and at Brighton settled in West Derby, Liverpool and became a sales manager for a chemical company.

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Manning, John Sadly John passed away 15th February 2021.
16-02-21Dave Griffiths

Manning, John You may find that some of the following is of interest. On Friday February 13th 1976 Crewe Alexandra were at home to Southport in a Fourth Division fixture. John Manning making his first appearance of the season for Crewe scored a hat trick in a 4-0 win. He had not played a league game prior to that evening for 18 months and his name was not listed in the line-ups in the match programme. He finished the season with 5 goals from 7 appearances. That season may have been his final one in the Football League. I am not absolutely certain of that fact. He was not listed as a Crewe player in 1976-1977 season.
16-12-20David Frodsham

Manning, John I remember the partnership John had with High Curran at Norwich City when I first went to watch the Canaries in the 60's. Good stuff. I used to wait outside the ground before the games and John would always sign my programme. I also remember singing his name to the tune of the 'Mighty Quinn'. Good memories. 14/11/2020
15-11-20Susan Hagon-Powley

Manning, John John Manning one of my early football heroes for Norwich City in the 60s, he always won the high ball knocked down for Hugh Curran to finish after the game they came down from the bar to sign autographs pint in one hand and cigy in other when football was a mans game but always had time for the fans

Manning, John Remember as a kid my dad talking to him at our front gate, he was carrying his boots and had been to St Caths about his knee. Reckon he knackered them up as he used to run to the byline and cut the ball back across the area. Loved him and Dyson. Remember him laying balls off to Joey Pritchard to hit one, one of the best drivers of a ball ive seen Joe.

Manning, John Great line with Dyson and Sinclair. Each player had a different style that complimented the other two. Manning was real old style centre forward. Was magic watching them click together.

Manning, John I've been a good friend of John for 32 years now. I've never seen him play but was fortunate to play 5 a side with him. He was a strong player and me being a defender, he was a nightmare to play against. John now is 79 this year. His health isn't too good at the moment and hes not too good on his feet as his knees have always been a problem to him.
17-07-19geoff johnson

Manning, John I remember in 1963, when I was an engine cleaner at Birkenhead loco shed, The foreman said clean all the ashpits and you can knock off early to see the game. I worked my nuts off and got to the Tranmere v Chester game, it was a 3-3 draw and John Manning scored all Tranmeres goals with bullet headers and was hailed as the new Dixie Dean.

Manning, John From memory he came to my team, Walsall, from Shrewsbury Town (late 60's/early 70's?). Charismatic centre-forward, immediate hit with me for his apparent suave 'laid-backness'. Not with us for very long unfortunately. Good times.

Manning, John Remember him as a kid.. Manning, Dyson and Charlie Mcdonell... Scored over 20 goals each in my first season watching TRFC.

Manning, John I remember singing to Manfred Mann's 'Mighty Quinn'but we used to sing 'you've not seen nothing like John Manning'

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