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John McDowell

John McDowell

Clubs played for: West Ham United, Norwich City. (1970-1980)




Biography: An England under 23 international who was assistant manager of Bristol Rovers before becoming a publican in Essex, before opening a small publishing company, moved to Teneriffe and where, for four years, he ran a British supermarket in Playe de Las Americas. Now back in England.

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McDowell, John John we both got school colors at Sandringham secondary modern way back in 1965 I used to run tuck shop. I live at in Spain now. Drop me a line if you get time. Cheers fn.
16-05-21Andy callow

McDowell, John Hi John. Hope you are well. You may or may not remember me but we played football together with either Clyde Best, Clive & John Charles, Steve Gill and some others at Langdon comprehensive, East Ham. (69 - 75) Was of course very happy times for me then, magical days watching you at Upton Park and then taking the mickey at school. I was known as Elfie then. Great days. My dad was scout leader to Tommy Taylor also. Love to hear from you.
Jamie Robertson
28-12-20Jamie Robertson

McDowell, John Hi John, I hope you are well. I'm sure you won't remember but around 1970-71, we were neighbours. You lived opposite me in Plashet Grove (my family lived at 99 and my Mum was a good friend of Tina Moore). Every so often I would clean your white Capri for a few bob! Oh the old days! :)
05-10-20Mark Cunningham

McDowell, John What happened to your cousin Mary McDowell from toilet street ?


John McDowell Hi John how r u ? Do u remember me I was yr Stock Taker in the day when u had the pub in Braintree , still around I'm 79 this year
24-08-20George Sargent

McDowell, John Worked with John for a few years in the late 90's . We were in publishing. Great guy , great lunchtime banter over a few beers. A lovely guy.
11-08-20Russell Coombes

McDowell, John I enjoyed seeing you play for the Hammers in the seventies but it was great to see you at Dagenham FC. I got your autograph and I hope that you had a great night along with the boys.

John McDowell We have a few things in common John McDowell we attended Shaftesbury school at different times and was coached by the great Mr McMillan the best teacher I've ever had in my entire life the very first medal that I had won was for boxing and John McDowell was the guest of honor and my fight was the last on the bill and I was presented with my medal in the ring by John McDowell with some other lads ' had the photo for years from one of our local papers but lost it'and also used to watch you play for West Ham with my pal Everald Laronde who also played for West Ham 'I've several fond memories growing up in Upton Park
31-12-19Desmond Auguste

McDowell, John Did you have a stepbrother called Adrian?
07-11-19Bradley Tredinnick

McDOWELL, John Hey John, yes it's me! Wondered how you are and your two girls. xx

McDowell, John Hello it's Beryl I hope you remember me from the Moby Dick or Ye Ole Kings Head Chigwell. Hope your well love to catch up with you again.

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