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David Mills

David Mills

Clubs played for: Middlesbrough, West Bromwich Albion, Newcastle United, Sheffield Wednesday, Newcastle United, Middlesbrough, Darlington. (1968-1986).

Born: 1951

Birthplace: Whitby, North Yorkshire

Died: 1951

Position: Forward

Biography: Mills was Britain's first 500,000 player. Worked as a freelance journalist for local press, T.V. and radio, and was a print consultant, went back into football as assistant chief scout at Newcastle and now works on Middlesbrough's scouting team.

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Mills, David As an FA Coach I was attending a session ran by Jack Charlton and he brought along David Mills. Jack wanted a defender to go 1 on 1 with David which was me, the ball was played into Mills'y and I reacted upending him fair but hard. Jack was quick to point out ' hey man don't injure him he's just signed up for half a million quid'. Try again !! Mills got the ball next time sold me a great dummy, turned and rattled the woodwork. Great session, David forgave me for the first tackle and we shook hands and laughed after he narrowly failed to score.

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