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Ricky Otto

Ricky Otto

Clubs played for: Leyton Orient, Southend United, Birmingham City, Charlton Athletic, Peterborough United, Notts County. (1990-1998)





Biography: Did four years for armed robbery before he turned pro then became a probation officer in Coventry when he retired. Has also studied for a degree in theology. Now Pastor of ARC Birmingham Church - a Community Church with Community in Mind.

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Otto, Ricky We went to same school Millfields Hackney, playing football in the school yard He would always be the one to keep the ball and I would be the last player to challenge him ie the goalie...great memories.
11-07-19 alex sogutdere

Otto, Ricky Hi Ricky, Do you remember me? I used to be your youth manager in Hackney for a team called the Albion FC. I knew you would be a pro player like some of the other boys in the Albion ie Ronald & Danny. I went on to coach & train many other teams ie Leyton youth & the Daily Mail side. I’m now retired, 72 years old and still asked to coach. I’m still fit but I’ve got more time to watch the Arsenal. Well done Ricky. All the best, Rod Croome
01-12-18 Rod Croome

Otto, Ricky Hey,I just want to find out if we are related. My aunt spoke ur name yesterday in a convo and I am curious to know if we are related.

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