Rees, Dai

Dai Rees

Dai Rees

Clubs played for: Everton reserves, Brighton & Hove Albion (1963-1964)




Biography: Mid-field. A brillant young player with the prospect of 1st Division clubs at the time keen to secure his services, only to tragically die in a road crash returning to Wales that season.

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Rees, Barry Barry Rees was my Uncle. What info were you looking for? Maybe I can help. 65 years yesterday, since he sadly passed away. Hi Victoria - we would be happy to add more information about Barry's career or what he did once he had retired from the game. A photo would be great too. Please feel free to contact by e-mail ( Thanks very much. Andy
Victoria Rathbone

Rees, Barry Great player who I watched on the few (4) occasions he played for us in Div 4. Just wanted to respond to your query as to his first name. It was, in fact, Barry. Hope that helps. Keep up this lovely work.

Rees I am a Brighton fan and I am trying to find and add information to the Brighton archives on Die or( Barry) Rees. He played for Everton reserves and was signed by Brighton 1964-65 4th division championship season. He was an outstanding mid-fielder. Alas, he was killed driving home to Wales that same season. Does any Evertonian know of this great young player. Any details would be appreciated for the Brighton & Hove Albion archives Many thanks, John

Rees, Barry I grew up with Barry we played football together through out our teen age years went to same church can remember on the book day (you attended more times during the year the better book) on this particular Sunday Barrie came with a white mouse great laughter at the back of the aisle Remember him with great admiration I am know 72 years old what a great international Barrie would have made.

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