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Bryan (Pop) Robson

Bryan (Pop) Robson

Clubs played for: Newcastle United, West Ham United, Sunderland, West Ham United, Sunderland, Carlisle United, Chelsea, Carlisle United, Sunderland, Carlisle United. (1964-1985).




Biography: Managed Sunderland and Carlisle, coached at Manchester United and Leeds also scouted for Birmingham, now runs his own newsagents in Hexham.

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Robson, Bryan (Pop) Hi Bryan. I live in Banbury now and met a lady a while ago called Margaret Christer who said she lived at Wesley Terrace and was surprised that I knew it. I remember kicking the ball around at the bottom and think you lived at the bottom house. We spent hours kicking the ball around and it certainly paid dividends for you. I also clearly remember you getting me tickets at West ham and some of the games - you scored a hat trick one Easter against Southampton - when you got me tickets to take my stepfather. He also was overjoyed. I have followed your career but have not seen you since Jock Cowan and myself met you in London for a drink. Jock went to New Zealand the following year and was playing golf off scratch but unfortunately died the following year before I could go out for a holiday. I have not been up North for a while because of bad health, but the last time (about 9 years ago) I did go to Hexham and called at the newsagents but they said I had just missed you. Another person I have thought about was Tommy Peel. Would love to hear from you

Fond memories Tom
16-03-21Tom Clark

Robson, Bryan (Pop) A natural scorer at the Toon. Remember some wondrous goals, particularly in the victorious Fairs Cup campaign, especially that screamer of a volley. Like the Hammers fan comments above, it was a travesty he never played for England. A number of inferior forwards were selected ahead of him. It was also a travesty that Newcastle sold him to W Ham at the height of his career and Sunderland later benefited from his talents. His partnership with Wyn Davies will never be forgotten on Tyneside.
02-09-20Steve Peart

Robson, Bryan (Pop) I remember Pop used to go to his father-in law-for dance training, which he said made him fitter and more flexible. This caused great hilarity at WHU, and resulted I many ribald comments! Pop, however, had the last laugh. He took the whole team to the dance studio, his mates thinking it would be nothing for tough nuts like them.
By the time Pop's father-in-law had put them through the full ballet exercises they could hardly drag themselves home! The eventually admitted they felt fitter and could leap higher than before.
27-08-20Carol Cheshire

Robson, Bryan (Pop) I used to love 'pop' Robson. Of course having the same surname may have had something to do with it ! (Robson , is of course, a Geordie name. And my Dad came from that part of the world) The best goal I ever saw 'pop' score was a screamer at Wrexham in 1978/79 season, where he spun on the ball on the edge of the Wrexham box before planting the ball in the back of the net. Unfortunately West Ham lost 4-3 that day. I always felt it was particularly bad luck that 'pop' missed out on two cup final wins by the Hammers. In 1974 he went to Sunderland and so missed the 1975 2-0 win against Fulham. He came back to West Ham (in Ithink 1977) but then moved on again in 1979 and so missed out on the 1980 1-0 victory against Arsenal. Always a great player and a great character. A crying shame that he never won an England cap.

Robson, Bryan (Pop) Hi; Bryan is my all time favourite West Ham player. I used to love seeing him score goals and it gave me such a buzz. He was a fantastic player and one of the most natural goal scorers I have ever seen. I once wrote to Bryan and he wrote back to me in his own hand writing which was brilliant. I once had a picture of him on my wall showing him shooting against Gordon Banks. I would love to meet Bryan just to tell him how much I loved him (as a player) although my wife may not understand.

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