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Fred Sharpe

Fred Sharpe

Clubs played for: Tottenham, Norwich City, Reading. (1956-1971)




Biography: Coached at two schools in Berkshire, before becoming a salesman for a food business and setting up a car valetting business. Keeps in touch with Maurice Norman who is his daughters godfather.

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SHARPE, Fred Fred's parents were neighbours in Chislehurst in the 60's. When Norwich were playing in London, Mr Sharpe would take me to the game. Always remember we went to meet Fred in the dressing room at The Den before a game. Strange for a Charlton supporter! Great memories... lovely family.
Steve Welton

Sharpe would like to trace fred we were good friends at school and after lost touch when he went inthe army i am sure we have a lot to talk about
brian hewitt (taffy)

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