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Alan Skirton

Alan Skirton

Clubs played for: Arsenal, Blackpool, Bristol City, Torquay United. (1960-1971).

Born: 1939

Birthplace: Bath

Position: Winger

Biography: Worked as assistant commercial manager at Weymouth before becoming commercial manager at Bath City and Yeovil Town until his retirement in 2002.

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Skirton, Alan My good friend sadly missed spent many happy times with Allan and Jane during his Yeovil days. Good holidays in Portugal. RIP big man
10-06-21 Tim Barton

Skirton, Alan Alan is in the same care home as my Nan, he’s doing well and seems very happy! Had a great chat with him about football as he spoke to me about his time at Bath City, which is my current club!
11-07-19 James Ollis

Skirton, Alan I remember Alan as a National Service colleague on the QM staff RAPC at Devizes in 1958/59. He had a wonderful sense of humour, always looking for some fun. He shared whether to sign for Arsenal with us and we encouraged him that this would be a good move...George Swindin arrived at the camp to discuss terms. Alan kindly obtained guest tickets for Bill Gibbons and myself to watch him play at Highbury....can’t remember if this was before or after he contracted TB. He was a powerful right winger, very direct and always gave 100%.
A great pity to hear this bad news....I would have loved to see him but I guess it’s too late now.
May God bless him.
21-06-19 Michael Neve

Skirton, Alan I remember as a lad going to Highbury to watch Arsenal reserves. Can't remember which team they were playing but Alan was playing for Arsenal. It wasn't a large crowd so every comment from the stands could be heard. A man kept shouting, 'Rubbish Skirton.' Alan could clearly hear the man because he was on the wing. After about twenty minutes of this abuse, Alan stopped and put his foot on the ball. He was right in front of the man shouting at him. Alan said to the man. 'If you can do any better mate, get on the pitch!' The man was quiet after that.
16-02-19 Don Townshend

Skirton, Alan I remember watching Alan play for Durban City in South Africa in the early 1970s. He was a powerful centre forward and very popular with the Durban City fans.
13-02-19 Maurice Waller

Skirton, Alan I spent many happy times with Alan and his wife Jane. I could wind him up about football. Being a Chelsea supporter it was easy.
24-01-19 F G A Marsh

SKIRTON, Alan I would like to inform you that Alan is now in St Martins hospital in Bath. He has been there for a couple of months and has ALZHEIMERS.
01-11-18 michael skirton

Skirton, Alan Alan got us 3 tickets to go and watch him play for Blackpool against Chelsea. ith 2 minutes to go Blackpool were awarded a penalty. Ray Charnley stepped up to take the penalty but Peter Bonetti the Chelsea keeper saved it. The ref said Bonetti had moved so the penalty had to be retaken. Alan went up to Charley and snatched the ball out of his hands,placed the ball on the spotand he nearly broke the back of the net. Typical Alan. Also I played a lot of cricket with him, a good cricketer as well.
30-10-18 John Matthews

SKIRTON, Alan Played with Alan at the end of his professional career with Melksham Town. He still had it even though he was not quite as fast but his footballing brain made up for lack of speed. Learnt so much from him. Still have old black and white team photo and look back with a lot of pride that I played alongside a great player.
29-10-18 Pete Deighton

Skirton, Alan I to was at the above Arsenal match against Spurs 23rd Dec 1961 Mackay scored for Spurs then Mel Charles equalised and Alan Skirton scored the greatest goal that forever stays with me !!

Skirton, Alan Alan is my grandad's cousin, never met him, but would love to meet him one day. Can't believe my relative played for Arsenal back in the day.

Skirton, Alan I mentioned above that I met Alan on Fred Olson Braemar last summer. Went to see the Arsenal hammer Liverpool today - Sat April 4th, 2015 and not only did I see 4 great Arsenal goals but also a great ex - Arsenal legend being our half time guest of honour who spoke about is Arsenal playing high lights.David Drew from Wales.

Skirton, Alan I have the pleasure of knowing Alan Skirton . Alan and his wife are my partner's good friends. The first time I met him was out for a meal. All round gent and can talk for hours about his past. Loved every min of it as I am a mighty Gooner.

Skirton, Alan I have been an Arsenal Supporter since 1954 and remember well Alan's arrival at Highbury. He was plagued with illness shortly after joining for some considerable time but once recovered what a revelation he was, Fast and direct with a tremendous shot he soon became a favourite of mine and many others. I wrote to him and within a short time received a reply and I still have the letter. He was at times erratic in his play but in the same vein as Danny Clapton when on fire tremendous to watch. Never selected for England unlike Danny but an absolute joy to behold and so many great memories as well. Would love to meet up with him one day and here's hoping he is in good shape. Regards, Robert 72 next week x

Skirton, Alan I never had the pleasure of seeing Alan play in the flesh but have just been on a cruise and Alan and is lovely wife were on the Braemar at the same time. I was wearing my Arsenal polo shirt and he came onto me and explained who is was. No bragging or boasting - just a very interesting and super man who was also a very good player. On coming home I have found out some more about him and I can also say a very modest man also because he achieved so much but didn't let on. A privilege to have met him and his wife.

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