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Les Strong

Les Strong

Clubs played for: Fulham, Brentford, Crystal Palace, Rochdale. (1972-1984)




Biography: Owned a successful pub in Mitcham, also hosts the Haynes Lounge at Craven Cottage on match days.

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Strong, Les Hi Les I used to work at the Duke of Wellington in Eaton Terrace. You use to frequent this pub with George Best in those days I took you out for an Indian in Fulham road we chatted a lot about things and got on well together. Anyway, I live in Chiswick and would love to hear from you and how life is been with you. If you remember me drop me a line. It will nice to hear from you. All the best Les.

08-09-21Edward Petros my wife’s e mail

Strong, Les Hello everyone, just come across this again. There really are some blasts from the past. Drop me an email before you’re all too old.
07-09-21Les Strong

Strong, Les Hi les , we went to Beaufort school lambeth walk together , also went to chelsea , always remember when we went to Leicester , you got crushed and we nicknamed you " GARBO " after that
19-08-21Paul Baker

Strong, Les Hi Les. I went to Holland with Middlesex Wanderers. Yourself and John Lacy were there on that trip. I wish I’d kept in touch with you both. It was in 1977 and I always remembered how professional you both were and also lovely people. I hope you’re well still enjoying life.
09-07-21Steve Wilkins

Strong, Les Hi Les , how you doing it’s great to see you doing work for Alzheimer’s. Miss all the good times at the Belvedere in Richmond, I still have pictures from the George Best all stars of 1986 when we played at Bognor Regis football club(bonetti/strong/ball/best/morten shot it the post. great times Les and thank you would love to hear from you Les.
23-01-21Kenny morten

Strong, Les Hi les just came across this page don't suppose you're remember me from Allen Edwards. I can recall you and several other kids including Tony biggs,John boys,Kevin beattie,Gary Webber,Gary sexton,Terry chesney,Keith hopson, I think most of you we're in the football team hope you're keeping well ??
22-11-20Trevor Letchford

Strong, Les Hi Les, My old man Peter Trudgill has some funny stories about you and him back in the 70s, would really appreciate if you got in touch with him. Cheers.
26-10-20Rory Trudgill

Strong, Les I was Les's hairdresser in Walton-on-Thames at the time of his testimonial against the England team just before the the World Cup, in the 80s. He told me to bring my kit and he would get me on as goalie. I went with my kit but Les was obviously having his little joke. Lots of happy days:) Great friend🙏
20-08-20Anthony Price

Strong, Les I still owe you a tenner mate. Don't do the compound interest as just had second divorce from the beast
But gone Allen Edward's unbeaten 2 years we would have been worth a few Bob now can you imagine I was euro karate champion for many years chiropractor sports physician
And property that took a bashing 2008 had medical centre london been living marbella spain 3 years now back in uk so we have to get together as I bet I can still run faster than you downhill my grandson plays for bournemouth academy 1or 2 years up but big guys adults playing against so he was badly injured so I had to return from thailand to fix him which I did and now on fire and move him to his own age he is absolute carbon copy of me but with mums looks fortunate but he back to old self single handed smashed southampton iam living in Poole at moment be great to see you
09-08-20Dr Gary john weber

Strong, Les Hi Les. We used to drink in your pub in Richmond but can't remember the name. Was it the Black Lion? We used come over from the Artful Dodger in Kingston
21-06-19Steve smart

Strong, Les Hello all. Just seen this site. I have no clue how long ago these comments were posted but all of you are absolutely correct. Leave a contact next time.
I'm still working at Fulham 49 years after joining them as of Oct 2018.
01-11-18Les strong

Strong, Les Hi,,, les ,,this might sound a little crazy random but I was going through my loft the other day and I stumbled across this letter from my best friend ever!!!! And I sat and read it found a couple of bits strange in it and as I got to the end I was laughing as it was for you not me,,, she must of been watching over me and thought I needed to laugh,, Suzanne has been gone such a long time and I have still miss her so much,, hope you're ok,, I know you won't remember me but I just found this site and thought I would tell you anyway x

Strong, Les Hi les Hope your keeping well and still busy. this is a bit of a blast from the past but my mum and dad Rene and Geoff holloway were very close to aunt nelly who lived years ago near Hampton court. And your brother tony worked at Scotland Yard. I was only about 10 when my dad took me to watch you play at Fulham in the late 70's. I have a son called Matthew(10) and daughter Ava (1). my boy Matthew asked me if I had anyone famous in our family and I thought of you ex Fulham captain having played with best,marsh and Moore. He would love to meet you. He likes football. Would love to catch up and go over old stories over a few drinks thanks rob holloway

Strong, Les Hi Les, don't know if you remember me from Battersea fun fair days? You never wanted to break into that 10 bob note when we worked behind the stalls for Dave. Seem to remember yourself, Terry Chensney and a few others having some fun. I would be interested to know if you ever broke into that 10 bob note. Hope all's well with you and yours. Best Wishes. A face from the past.

Strong, Les Les's pub was in Richmond, Surrey He went on to manage the Anguillian national team in the Caribbean. As well as hosting the Haynes lounge at Fulham, he is director of football at Petite Rivenoire FC Mauritius.

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