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Billy Thirlaway

Billy Thirlaway

Clubs played for: West Ham United, Southend United, Luton Town, South Shields, Birmingham, Cardiff City, Tunbridge Wells Rangers, Usworth Colliery (1921-1929)

Born: 1896

Birthplace: Washington

Position: Outside-left

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Thirlaway, Billy Billy Thirlaway was my Great Uncle. There are many photos on the web to be found. My Mother is Norma Wood (nee Dawson 1931-present), daughter of Charles Gordon Dawson and Annie (nee) Thirlaway, younger sister of William (Billy). I'm afraid I have very few memories. Unlike footballers of today they earned very little money back then.

I do recall that he had to sell his 'England Caps' to make ends meet, though I'm still not exactly sure what that means.

I've never been a follower of football since being mercilessly bullied by a teacher at West Denton Junior School (from 1965 to 1968) for not being very interested in the game.

I just about managed to avoid the hype of the 1966 final.

As a result I now avoid football at all costs. The wounds run very deep.

Working as a freelance cameraman I have turned down well paid work at St James's Park and other venues because I could not face the prospect of being there.

To this day, I do not want to be anywhere near football if I can possibly help it!

Sorry to end on a negative note!

Best regards (without prejudice). John Wood

12-12-19John Wood

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